Other Weddings I Love #2

Since last week’s post on Other Weddings I Love was such a hit, I figured why not start the week out with another one to cheer up a dreary Monday?

Today’s featured weddings (and brides) are a study in how awesome totally different weddings can be.  .  I love both these ladies, and their weddings are no exception!

Meaghan‘s (who blogs about weddings here and here) wedding was a beachy affair last fall on Martha’s Vineyard.  Of course, considering my love affair with lacy mermaid-style dresses, it was the first thing that caught my eye:

Again with the purples.  Beautiful, and I love that they named their table after their favorite places on the island:

Check out these gorgeous bridesmaid’s dresses–brown is the new black:

And how can you beat this view?

(Above photos by Randi Baird)

Alicia’s wedding was the opposite end of the spectrum–instead of a blonde on the beach in the sun, she was a beautiful brunette in the snowy mountains!  I have to say, I definitely prefer winter to summer…and this wedding reminds me why.

This picture would make a perfect Christmas card with the red barn and green accents.  Love.  And also, to whoever says that it’s impossible to find a stylish wedding ensemble with sleeves, I present to you this gorgeous lady.

But the jacket comes off!  How brave is she?  Brrr!

Love this decor:

And, as proof that it’s sometimes the little things that count, check out these two beautiful detail shots:

(Above photos by Jared Wilson Photography)

Love both these weddings.  Thanks, Meaghan and Alicia, for sharing!  Aren’t they gorgeous?

2 Responses

  1. I think Alicia’s wedding is the most gorgeous thing ever. EVER! And she looks like a prettier, younger Meg Ryan.

  2. I love the idea of a snowy wedding! A snow-covered landscape is beautiful, and I think snow falling is one of the most romantic things ever 🙂

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