Pump me up.

Happy Halloween!

Tomorrow morning I’m running an 8K.  I’m scared and I feel unprepared.  It’s a difficult race–5 miles on what looks to be a hilly course–and I haven’t been putting in the miles like I’d hoped since I’ve been kind of adjusting to my new job for the last two weeks.  The upside?  They’re predicting weather in the 60s and sunny, so HOPEFULLY I won’t be struggling with my cold-induced breathing problems.

This is how I behaved all morning, since I slept way late:


Then I went to pick up my race stuff.  Is there such a thing as a race shirt that isn’t godawful ugly?  Note to race organizers: white backgrounds are okay.  So are grey, and black!  My last four race

shirts have been poo brown, offensively bright red, teal, and now pumpkin orange.  Yick.


And of course, my number and chip:


In other news, Milhouse hates us:


It was $4 at Petsmart.  I couldn’t resist.

Now, I don’t usually blog abut food, but I did find two things at the grocery store I am irrationally excited about.  First of all: PEANUT BUTTER BANANA ICE CREAM.

pb 002

I have to have something sweet every night, and I had an aha! moment at the grocery store last night when I realized I am much more conscious of portion sizes when I buy the tiny pints of ice cream instead of the huge gallons.  So, from now on, high quality pints it is.  I had a little bit of this last night and it was awesome–banana ice cream with peanut butter swirls and chocolate PB cups in it.  And I sprinkled a few dark chocolate chips on top for good measure.  I am not a fan of banana flavored things usually, but this was incredible.  I’m definitely going to be buying it again.

And I also found these!

pb 003

I am a big fan of sandwich thins.  (For some reason, on most blogs, they’re called Arnold Sandwich Thins, but here they’re called Oroweat Sandwich Thins.  Same thing, though.)  Previously, they’ve had Multi-Grain and Whole Wheat, which I think taste exactly the same.  However, these are new, and they’re Honey Wheat!  I haven’t tried one yet, but I am excited to give them a whirl.

Anyway, I’m off to do a ton of laundry, field trick-or-treaters, and create a pump-me-up playlist for tomorrow.  My goal originally was to finish in under 50:00, but now, heck, I’ll be happy if I finish upright.  Less than 50:00 will be a huge surprise and a major bonus.  I’ll update you in the morning!

How do you get pumped mentally for a race you’re worried about?


2 Responses

  1. Oh My GOD. I AM DYING! She is ADORBS! Ahhhhh!

    PS – Me no likey the oroweat thins. I think they taste fake. But I’ve been spoiled by Dave’s Killer Bread.

  2. Ditto on Leah’s response!! Milhouse is adorable!!! I hope he is helping you hand out candy, the kids will get such a kick out of that 🙂

    As for the race, I like to get every last thing set up the night before. I leave nothing for the morning so I don’t have anything extra to stress about. I also like to go over the race in my head, and get there good and early so I can get used to the course. A bit much, but it helps a lot with my crazy nerves.

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

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