Other Weddings I Love #1

I love our wedding, and I am so happy we’re going to have a fresh, slightly vintage, springy feel.  I love our color scheme and I have no regrets.

That said…sometimes I just see weddings, or pictures of weddings online or otherwise, that flabbergast me with their beauty and elegance and whimsy and I wish I could blatantly copy them.   So, from time to time, I’m now going to share some of my favorite photos from other weddings.  Most of these ladies I’ve “met” on the Knot and not only did they have lovely weddings, but they are truly nice and funny and smart.  Since obviously what we’re doing for our wedding won’t be everyone’s cup of tea (and I can only yammer on about my own plans for so long before I start boring myself), here’s a taste of what some of my favorite ladies have done!

Veronika had a beautiful pink and damask wedding last May.  She also has an awesome beauty blog that is definitely worth checking out.  And I would obviously take beauty advice from her:

This is why I love peonies:

I’d never heard of damask before I started wedding planning, but now I love it.  Obviously:

And I love a good sparkler exit:

(Above photos by Craig Davis with Studio563)

Knottie ring_pop‘s wedding made me fall in love with plum and green together, and kick myself for not thinking of it when I was making such decisions for our own wedding.  I love this photo–the flowers are gorgeous, and so is the mehndi:

I love the entire wedding party’s look-the colors look so lush, and everything is coordinated but not too matchy-matchy:

How cute are the mini bride and groom cake toppers?

I just have to post this one because of the caption ring_pop put by it, proof of her awesome attitude and why I think she’s great.

She says, “YES: proof that it won’t matter whether your dress matches his shirt matches the linens. My dress was ivory, his shirt and tie were white, and the linens were white. Oh and just for good measure, the cake was ivory and the cake topper bride wore white.”

And it still looks gorgeous.

(Above photos by Jill Promoli Photography)

Aren’t these incredible? I have several more weddings lined up and will be posting them intermittently over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!


4 Responses

  1. Awww what a great idea, Brie! I might have to copy off you at some point. 😉 I never realized that Veronika had such an AWESOME BLOG!!! I’m going to have to start following her now too!

  2. Verona’s wedding was fantastic!

  3. I love the sparkler exit! That’s an awesome photograph! I didn’t know that was called damask either. Verrrry pretty 🙂

  4. I am in love with the sparkler exit..I am dying to have one of these at our vineyard wedding.


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