My nemesis.

Well, that’s a bit of an overstatement.  Challenge, maybe?

My office celebrates holidays like most others do: a few paper cutouts on the wall and tons of food.  Since it’s Halloween, the obvious culprit is Halloween candy.  They are especially sneaky this year–we are hosting two groups of children that will come in to trick or treat to our offices.  One group was today (which I missed since I was out doing some business stuff) and one group is Friday.  So, of course, we have to bring in candy or we’ll look like the Office Scrooge.

I’ve been putting off buying Halloween candy until last weekend.  If you buy it in September, you’ll just eat it before the holiday, so I try to keep it out of the house for as long as possible.  Then I try to keep the bag sealed for as long as possible, because once it’s unsealed it’s like the demon mouth of hell opens and the shit hits the fan.  I won’t say I have NO self control, but when it comes to snacking, if it’s bite-sized and within my reach, it’s murderous.  Anyway, I filled my cute candy pumpkin this morning and brought it in.  And it’s sitting on my desk, taunting me.  No lie, it’s hard.

Here is the candy pumpkin of death and her sweet, sweet innards:

punkin 002

I don’t mind a little candy now and then, and I think I did pretty well today.  I had one piece in the morning in lieu of my usual apple (not the best, but calories are calories in the end, and I’m out of apples anyway) and one after lunch.  In a perfect world, I would eat none, but in that perfect world I’d also be a sad, deprived woman.   In a past life, I would have probably had at least four or five pieces over the course of the day, so I think cutting it in half, at least, and finishing the day with a good workout is a pretty good compromise, no?

Anyway, we had an errand to run after work so I just did a three mile run at the gym.  Good times.  My lungs were fine–I think I’m pinpointing things such that running/fast walking in cold air is what triggers me.  I speedwalked to the gym on Monday before I ran, and it was pretty chilly that day, and sure enough, my lungs were bad.  Today was warmer and I walked slowly and it was fine.  So, that’s…something.

How do you stay away from the Halloween candy?  And, more importantly, what are you giving away this year?

7 Responses

  1. I don’t buy Halloween candy. In NYC, there really isn’t trick-or-treating like there is elsewhere in the country. That just means that I get to go out and pretend to be a kid and dress up in costume for the night!

  2. I unfortunately am not celebrating Halloween this year. Kids don’t come to basement apartments and I work at 5am the next day so I can’t go out 😦 Last year, I went home and helped my mom hand out candy, and it was SO much fun. In previous years, I would specifically request to work at Starbucks on Halloween so I could dress up and hand out candy to the kiddies trick or treating in the mall (and make Halloween themed lattes, obvi)

    As for candy, I’m pretty good with self control, so long as it’s not a Reese’s. Put one of those near me and I don’t have a chance. I really like those little milk chocolate balls. I think they’re 20 calories a piece and you can suck on them so it lasts for a while. Oh! And rockets!! Those are awesome 🙂

  3. I can stay away pretty easily – I don’t have a big sweet tooth luckily. This year I think I am giving out chips!

  4. I have a massive sweet tooth (and a salt tooth for that matter. Maybe I should just call it a junk tooth).

    I have to just buy Halloween Candy that I don’t like, or is slow to eat. I’ll buy candy corn or marshmallow candies (which I think are the opposite of tasty), or tootsie roll pops (because since they take so long to eat, I’ll actually eat just one).

    If I bought fun-size chocolate, I’d more than likely end up feelin ill and full of regret in the midst of empty wrappers.

  5. I asked this the other day and got literally no responses. 😦

    I am handing out fruit leather. 😀

  6. ugh… I totally failed at keeping candy out of the house this year… I’ve been averaging a Blowpop 4 nights a week…

  7. I buy the candy I don’t like so I’m not tempted… 😉

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