Adjusting expectations

First, an update–I’ve made a doctor’s appointment for a week from Friday to get my lungs looked at.  I do think this is a combination of the remnants of my childhood asthma reacting to the new chillier climate and the fall weather (I’m highly allergic to dead tree leaves).  I’ve been wheezing intermittently throughout work today, so I hope that’s a sign that it’s not just me being out of shape.

Today at the gym I decided to set myself up for success.  Honestly, after a full day’s work, and getting much less sleep than I was used to during funemployment (RIP), I am going to have to lower my expectations a little bit.  And that’s okay. Instead of my old 60-90 minute workouts, I’m shooting for 45 minutes.   And, perhaps a more important goal–I’m aiming to NOT be disappointed with myself for cutting back.  I can only expect so much from myself.  I am adjusting my food intake slightly to accomodate, and I think that just as a function of being awake for 17 hours a day as opposed to my former 13-14 hours a day I’ll burn more calories anyway.  It will be okay.  Fitness is supposed to be fun, and it won’t be fun for me if I push back too hard and take too much time away from my family and relaxation.

Anyway, that said, I went in today with an adjusted set of goals.  I would work out for 45 minutes.  I wanted to run two miles, and then either lift weights or do more cardio if I felt like it.  Doable.  No need to bust my butt training for Sunday’s 8K–I know I can finish upright; yes, I might walk a little; I’m dealing with some health issues I don’t normally have.  It will be a fun, scenic run/walk, and I am going to make T bring Milhouse so I have an adorable little dog pawing me happily at the end.

All the treadmills were, sadly, full, except for a very large, cage-like intimidating one on the end.  An incline trainer!  I’ve heard of these.  So, I used it.  It was a little claustrophobic and I was sad that the TV screen didn’t work.  Otherwise, it was perfectly adequate.  I ran the two miles and my lungs felt great!

inclinespin 001

Then I found a video spin bike!  Cool, huh?  This one was like a video game–you had to move the handlebars, and there was a pacer for you to chase and it was HARD.   (I suppose that’s what I get for picking the “challenging” course, fancying myself a bit of a badass.)  I think the “race” I did was 8 miles.  Pretty cool–will definitely be using this until I can actually afford a road bike.

inclinespin 002

How have you adjusted your expectations to deal with schedule changes?

3 Responses

  1. I’m so jealous that your cardio machines have TVs attached to them.

    I used to work out 90 min every morning with my current schedule (and usually 30 min addl every evening)…. it’s since become 45-60 min every morning only. I became physically burned out by pushing myself too hard and if I really want to, I can always indulge with longer workouts on the weekend. 🙂 I agree – fitness should be somewhat fun. Once it starts to be something that adds more stress rather than take it away, maybe it’s time to pull back a bit.

  2. Ha, “funemplyment” is what I like to call it too 😛

    Jillian Michaels always talks about those incline trainers in her podcasts. I think she might actually market one of her own! That spin bike looks like sooooo much fun.

    I used to do my longer, more intense workouts on the weekends, but I’ve had to cut that back ever since I started working every weekend. Waking up at 4am is a real shock to my body, and I just can’t push it like I can when I’m up at the regular time. I get sick or injured, and that’s no fun!

  3. That bike looks awesome!

    I’ve gradually learned that 20 or 30 minutes is OK when you’re busy and the alternative is nothing! It’s not always easy to remember, but it’s definitely helped me out!

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