DIY programs

Well, all weekend I’ve been plugging away on getting the design down for my programs and my invitations.  I first of all have to give tons of credit to Knot user Macdidlyicious, who has a wonderful bio full of templates for wedding invitations, water bottle labels, programs, and all sorts of other downloadable goodness.  For these, I used the tea-length program template, and discovered the gorgeous Rose font for the pictures.  (The regular font is Albemarle.  All our wedding stuff uses a combo of Albemarle, Albemarle Swash, and Albemarle End Swash, depending on the degree of swash required.)

Here’s what I  came up with.  I will probably get a thinner ribbon, but this is what I had laying around.  I also got some chocolate on my mock-up.  Oops.  This will have to be done pretty close to the wedding, but I’m going to cut the blue backing in the coming months so there’s a little less to do right before.

random 005

random 006

Page two:

random 007

Again, a million thanks to Macdidlyicious for her excellent templates (and congratulations to her on her recent wedding)!

What do you think?  Thumbs up?


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  1. Looks great! I would definitely use a thinner ribbon. It’s actually on sale for like 3/$1 this week at Michaels.

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