More inspiration!

Hi, friends.  Honestly, there is not much to report today.  I ate a turkey sandwich and yogurt and trail mix for lunch again.  I quit my old gym officially and have the paperwork all filled out and ready to go for the new one, but it was raining and cold so I didn’t feel like walking it over on my lunch break.  It is still rainy and cold and Milhouse gets mad when we take him outside to pee.

So…in the spirit of Fat Talk Free Week, which is going on this week, I am going to talk about various things I love about my body and why!  I have signed the pledge to eliminate fat talk and encourage you all to do the same.

  • My body is perfectly proportioned.  My bust and hip measurements are exactly the same and my waist is exactly ten inches smaller.  I have a great hourglass figure!
  • Weightlifting has made my shoulders firm and muscled.  NOT bulky.
  • I always used to complain about how big my thighs were.  But that was until I discovered that that’s because I have awesomely strong quads and hamstrings.  I can lift crazy amounts of weight with my legs!  I can make my quad muscle jump out of my leg in a freakish way that makes T go, “What IS that?!?!” and that’s fun.
  • My hair is very healthy and pretty and thick.
  • I have gigantic hands and feet.  This was useful in middle and high school, when I played several musical instruments and could access the keys very easily!

Also, a few awesome announcements.  My super incredible florist, Kristen (who is now a blog reader), wanted me to alert any other Chicago brides to these two cool upcoming events!

These make me sad that I’m not in Chicago, because I’d love to go to both of these!


3 Responses

  1. Ha, as soon as I saw that bullet point about your legs I thought “I bet she’d make a great cyclist.” Seriously, every person I get passed by on the roads have legs chiseled out of stone. Have you ever thought of giving it a try?

    I like my legs too. I’m 5’7″ and I think 4 feet of that comes from my legs! 😛 I’m definitely all about the short skirts when I want to dress up.

    • I really want to take up biking! It’s actually one of my goals on the goals tab. I think I would really love it, but road bikes are soooo expensive.

  2. I hate fat talk as well- I think your list is awesome and I love any time women are positive about themselves!

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