Incredible eggs

Phew.  Today FLEW by.  My boss was out yesterday (whoa, I have a boss now!) so it was kind of slow, but there was lots to do today!  But the important stuff first.  Lunch!

One of the things I was secretly mourning as my funemployment came to a close last week was the fact that I would no longer be able to eat eggs for lunch.  My standard lunch these days is a yogurt bowl (yogurt, frozen fruit, granola, peanut/almond butter) with either a turkey sandwich or an egg sandwich.  Then I remembered that my good buddy Susan at The Great Balancing Act makes egg “pillows” at work in the microwave.  I tweeted her asking for instructions, and she obliged.  The results?

eggs 001

eggs 002


It was delicious, I must say.  They didn’t taste weird or rubbery or anything!  I had the sandwich and the yogurt, ran an errand (which I’ll tell you all about in a minute) and then had some TJ’s trail mix.  I saved the apple for a mid-afternoon snack.

So, back to my errand.  In my quest to find a new workable routine with working 8-5 every day (not including the 30 minute commute each way) I realized that my new job also has the perk of being university staff.  Annnnd university staff can use the university gym.  I still have to pay, and I’m debating the switch overnight, but I think I’m going to cancel my current gym membership and pick up here.

How awesomely inspirational is this?  This is what they have above the door.  I took this as a great sign.

eggs 003

The pros of switching:

  • Convenience.  I won’t be able to work out there on weekends, because it’s so far from home, but it WILL be extraordinarily convenient 5 days a week.  (Okay, let’s not kid ourselves.  I won’t work out on Friday after work.  But at least I’ll be able to go 4 days a week, which gets a thumbs up in my book.)
  • Cost.  This set-up is $10 cheaper a month than my current gym.
  • Swimming!  I’ve missed swimming, and I would be able to use a gorgeous Olympic size pool there.
  • Sauna and steam room.  I’ve never tried them, but I bet they’ll feel awesome in the winter.
  • TVs on the cardio equipment that will sync with your iPod.  Cool!
  • Indoor/outdoor track to run on, should the treadmill bore me.
  • Nicer weight room
  • No annoyingly loud music on the speakers at all times
  • I could take a swim class!  (See the “goals” tab above.)
  • Racquetball/squash/basketball/volleyball courts, should my crippling uncoordination issues ever resolve themselves

The cons?

  • Not convenient on weekends/holidays.
  • I would have to pay extra for classes like yoga.  They’re about $50 for 7 weeks, and there isn’t a big selection at good times.
  • No personal training (not that I’ve ever done this anyway)
  • Would be working out with lots of hormonal college students

(I didn’t take pictures of the gym because I had an actual tour with tour guide.  If I join, I will.)  I think I’m going to pull the trigger and join unless T brings up any good objections tonight.

What do you think?  Am I forgetting to check anything out, gym-wise, that I should?


2 Responses

  1. I vote for the University gym; depending on how attached you are to the classes at your current one.

    When I was at university, the classes there were pretty mediocre in general, which bummed me out, as I’m very unmotivated in terms of working out on my own. I appreciate someone yelling at me to try harder, as well as if I’m in a class, I’m forced to complete the full session.

    Do they have other classes at the uni gym, other than yoga?

    The convenience issue here is huge, though. You can just bring your gym gear to work, and make it a habit to go every day afterwards (not fridays).

    I work 8-5 as well, and it’s so easy to just “postpone” workouts because it’s raining or some other excuse – so having the gym right there might help avoid this.

    Ps. your lunch looks awesome!

  2. I definitely think the pros way outweigh the cons!! I think the pool would be the final selling point for me 🙂 Squeezing workouts in around your work schedule will be SO much easier if it’s close to you too. $50 is a little steep for a 7-week class. Are there any studios in your area that are around the same price? I mean, if you have to pay that much for yoga anyways, it may be worth it just to find a studio that fits better with your schedule…

    And yay for microwave eggs!!! That’s the exact same dish I use too. Much easier than having to prepare a sandwich the night before – I can just throw the ingredients in a bag before I head out the door in the morning 🙂

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