Day two

Hi, everyone!

Thanks for sticking with me and all this non-fitness and wedding related nonsense through this transition.  By the end of the week, I plan to be all set up nice and cozy in my new routine, and back in action in the gym.

This morning started out much better—we woke up to a sleepy dog on the bed, not one soiling our carpet!  Hooray for Milhouse.  I also went to bed early and read for awhile last night before going to sleep.  (Sidenote:  I’m re-reading one of my most favorite books ever, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith, and if you haven’t read it we can’t really be friends.  It just has the most luxurious prose, something I don’t tend to find in more modern novels.  This is why I tend to re-read the same things over and over again.   Anyway.)

I started the day out with my usual combo and headed out the door.  First order of business?  Cleaning and decorating my office, of course.  I can’t work in a space that isn’t neat and efficient and somewhat visually appealing.  I actually found an old fingernail in my drawer, which was gross and made me glad I’d brought a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser with me.  It’s not all ready to go, but it’s a definite improvement!  I love my new coffee mug:

office 001

And I put up some pictures of my family:

office 007

I also ordered a fancy diploma frame for my law degree to match my bachelor’s.  I have to say, I feel pretty important at the thought of being flanked by TWO diplomas.  (Still, not worth the piles of student loan debt.  Here’s hoping someday it will be.)  Oh, and last night I purchased a reed diffuser of fragrance so now my office smells like apples.  The good?  It doesn’t smell like ramen noodles any more.  The bad?  Now I’m hungry.

Anyway, around noon I ate my packed lunch from yesterday, which quickly went from this:

office 005

To this (please note adorable desktop wallpaper):

office 006

I love this job largely because, aside from the nice co-workers and interesting work, there is a ginormous ice machine.  I have had so much water today because I like it icy. I’m going to be one hydrated employee, that’s for sure.  I polished off three 16 ounce bottles today!

Exciting news of the day—I think tomorrow I’m going to investigate a nearby gym that I could join for $20 a month.  Like, I saw it from the parking lot of work nearby.  My current dilemma is that I live 30 minutes north of where I work, and my gym is even 10-15 minutes north of that.  So, to go to the gym after work, I’d have to drive past home and back which is a pain.  I would love to be able to keep a packed gym bag in my office, head over at 5 p.m. sharp to work out, MISS THE TRAFFIC ON THE DRIVE HOME (!!!) and be done.  I’m going to wear more comfortable shoes and check it out on my lunch hour tomorrow.  I really hope this works out–it would be the perfect solution for me.

I just don’t think I’ll ever be a morning worker-outer.  I am a big old chicken and running in the dark freaks me out.  I think wearing a concealed weapon might help, but that would probably be heavy and chafe, so no.

Oh, and I also found a minute to post an Operation Beautiful note in honor of Fat Talk Free Week:

office 008

(I checked back an hour later and it was gone!  I hope in a good way.)


4 Responses

  1. I am totally jealous of your sweet office! I work at a shared desk, so I stare at pictures of other people’s children all day 😛

    Agreed – concealed weapons would chafe.

  2. Loving the kitty background. I;m trying to incorporate more water into my week also. Drink up and stay hydrated!

  3. An ice machine sounds heavenly.

    I read the same books over and over again too! I can’t even count how many times I’ve read the Bell Jar!

  4. Ohhhh!!! Love the kitties on your computer!! 🙂

    My gym is just 3 minutes from my house. I think it’s better to make things as super convenient as possible. Hope it works out for you. And that’s a great price too.

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