I survived!

My first day at work, that is.

Things began less than ideally when Milhouse had to go out at 1 a.m….and then peed on the carpet anyway around 4.  I didn’t get much sleep–3 or 4 hours, max.  (Sidenote: blog reader housebreaking tips welcome.)

I got up bright and early anyway and showered and got ready to go in.  My breakfast was my standard no fail Kashi cereal, milk, and protein powder.  I made T take a “first day of school” picture before I left:

job 001

I went to a HR orientation thingy all morning, which was boring, but right around 11:30 I got to go to my department.  My supervisor was very happy to see me!  She immediately showed me my office and we hit the ground running with a tour (and about a million handshakes…hope I don’t get swine flu).

Then, so much for my packed lunch–a few of my co-workers and my new boss took me out to Cheesecake Factory for lunch!  Yum.  I had the lunch portion of Chicken Romano and ate all the chicken but only about half the pasta.  Mmm.

The rest of the afternoon was basically spent getting up to speed on things.  I have a long way to go, but I’m confident I’ll be fine!  Tomorrow will be spent doing a long list of tasks my boss left me, and also cleaning and decorating my office a bit.  It’s big, but a little depressing!  I need to put my stamp on things.

Here’s what it looks like now.  Hopefully it will be better tomorrow–I’ll post some after pictures!

office 001

office 002

I just hit up Target, TJ Maxx, and Bed, Bath, and Beyond for some essentials: a candy jar (and Werther’s Originals and peppermints to fill it with), frames for pictures of T and the pets, some organizational-type things, and a fragrance diffuser.

Anyway, I’m wiped–hopefully I’ll get some good sleep tonight!


7 Responses

  1. I’m not sure what your routine is, but you know… feed Milhouse at the same time every day, start letting him out at certain set times during the day and really laying on the positive reinforcement (praise and small treats) when he “goes” outdoors, and definitely take up the water bowl around 2 hours (or earlier) before bed every night.

    Glad you had a great first day! That was sweet that your department took you out to lunch.

  2. yea, for new beginnings and office. I have been in my office for 3 months, I’m still working on pictures. lol

  3. Eee!! I’m so excited for you!! First, you look FAB for your first day. You are rocking that skirt. And that’s awesome you get your own office! A candy jar would also be the first thing on my “to buy” list 🙂

  4. Crate training is a blessing.

  5. Look how cute you look!!! Congrats on the first day!

  6. you look awesome brie! Congrats on your first day at work.

    definitely put millhouse in a crate if you can. And if carry him outside to pee (if you can) for the first couple of weeks as you take him out.

    I think he’s an adorable pup!

  7. Cute skirt! I’m glad your first day went well! 🙂 The candy jar is a great idea!

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