Rest week fail

I woke up this morning full of nervous energy about starting my job tomorrow.  I took Milhouse for a walk and realized that it was an absolutely gorgeous day out, and my legs were finally starting to feel normal again.  So I decided to run just for the fun of it.  I mean, look at this–blue skies, green grass, pretty leaves, 55 degrees.  I couldn’t ask for nicer running weather.

run 001

I decided to keep it short and keep it in the neighborhood, where the hills aren’t very steep.  I ran about 2 miles in 20:00 and then did a short cool-down walk.  Unfortunately, the run wasn’t as enjoyable as I had hoped–my lungs just do not like chilly weather.

Rewind: when I was little, I had REALLY bad asthma.  I couldn’t go outside in the fall (I’m incredibly allergic to most trees and dead leaves are the worst), and I couldn’t do any physical activity.  Gym class was miserable for me–I remember having to run “THE MILE” twice a year and just wanting to die.  I would get so nervous about it because I KNEW I was going to fail.  I would try to run with my friends but I just couldn’t.  I’d fall back and be embarrassed and try to push and wind up coming in last and having to go to the school nurse for my inhaler.  I don’t doubt that this is part of the reason I avoided exercise growing up.  By junior high, I was starting to outgrow it, and now, until I recently started running outside, I haven’t had trouble with it since then.  I went off my asthma medications, and I can do just about everything without having breathing trouble.

Except run outside.  Today, I got home, and for about half an hour, I felt like I was being absolutely strangled.  Now I’m coughing and wheezing.  It’s the scariest feeling.  I hate to admit it’s back, but I think it is, and I think I need to go back to the doctor for some kind of treatment.  I can’t let this stop me–I’ve got a half marathon to run!

What are your physical challenges?  How have you overcome them?


3 Responses

  1. I have trouble running in chilly weather too. It seems to make my lungs close up. And I’ve never had asthma in my life.

  2. This isn’t a physical challenge (that phrase reminds me of Double Dare), but I am just not coordinated AT ALL. So that kind of limits what sports I play. Hence the running thing, although I’ve fallen before.

  3. Aww, I’m so sorry to hear your asthma is acting up again 😦 I hope you can get to the doctor soon about it!

    I’m not sure how much of a challenge it is, but I’m very weak, and small-framed. Makes me a lot more prone to injury because I have a very low muscle base. Chock it up to a lifetime of inactivity!

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