You’re invited…

Well, not really.  Sorry.  If we had an unlimited budget, I’d issue an open invite to you all, but…that is not the case.

First of all, I give huge props to Heather at Road to the Aisle (which is unfortunately no longer updated, but I guess that’s the hazard of being a wedding blogger who’s been married for a year and a half) for the inspiration and directions for how I made the pocketfolds and belly bands for our invitations.  If you are wondering how I did this, click over there–the instructions are still available and I followed them to a T.

Second of all, I apologize for not having pictures of me making these.  I did these well before I started blogging and so I didn’t photograph the step by step and now I’m all out of materials to do a reenactment.

Anyway, with all that aside–here is what we have done for our invitations so far.  We (meaning my talented aunt and I) are still struggling with how to design the inside information and inserts, but here are our pocketfolds and belly bands.  They will basically function as a tiny folder, and will have the invitation on the main panel, and the inserts (reception, accommodations, map) in the folder part.

invites 008

invites 011

invites 009

The photos don’t really do the cardstock for the pocketfold justice–it’s a very pretty, shimmery aqua blue, and the gold is a very light white gold with a bit of shimmer.

(And yes, I know it’s an etiquette faux pas to use your married monogram before you’re married.  But my inner bridezilla wants it, so what the heck.)

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