Picture perfect

That was a cheesy title.  Sorry.

Anyway, obviously, one of the first things we booked for our wedding is a photographer.   Since we’re planning from out of state, we couldn’t do the typical meet-and-greets and look at portfolios with photographers.  We found one we liked online and was in our budget, but we met with her on a weekend we were in town and weren’t really blown away.  We decided to keep looking, and I stumbled upon our photographer’s website and booked her immediately based solely off her online profile and reviews.

Danielle is absolutely incredible.  We met with her on our negative first anniversary this year to take our engagement photos, and we were both absolutely bowled over by her work.  We’ve gotten so many compliments on them from random people.  We used them on our save the dates, and our photo card box, and have them all over our house.  Here are some of my favorites.  (T gave me permission, so behold!  A rare T sighting on the blog.)

Brie and Tim Engaged (9)

Brie and Tim Engaged (12)


Brie and Tim Engaged (26)

Brie and Tim Engaged (53)


I love these pictures so much.  T and I are not big “let’s take pictures all the time” people (which is why this blog is sometimes devoid of photos), and we didn’t really have too many we were happy with, especially after my weight loss.  I can’t stress how important a good photographer is to a wedding–I’m so excited to see our wedding pictures already!  I know they’ll be great.

So, my tips for finding a good photographer:

  • Use Google Reviews and sites like Yelp or The Knot forums to look for recommendations and reviews.
  • Check the photographer’s online portfolio out and see if it matches the vibe of your wedding–I like super artsy wedding photos, but I think it would look weird with our fairly traditional wedding.  Our photographer is artsy, but beautiful, and I think she really fits with us.
  • Ask for references.  I did and immediately got several GLOWING responses.  That spoke volumes.
  • Book early!   Our photographer booked up for the 2010 wedding season over a year in advance.  After finding a venue and booking it, I’d say a photographer should be your next priority.
  • Don’t skimp.  Wedding photos are the one reminder you’ll have of your wedding for the rest of your life, and likely, your children and grandchildren and maybe even great-grandchildren will see them too.
  • That said…there is a point of diminishing returns.  You can get an awesome  photographer for a reasonable price, but you don’t need to pay double or triple that to get photos you’re satisfied with just for the name on the album.
  • Look into photographers that are just starting out.  They are often incredibly talented, but looking to build up their customer base and the price usually reflects that.

What are your photography tips?


4 Responses

  1. My #1 thing about a photographer (besides their skill, obvi) is that they offer us a cd of the original digitals. This would allow us to print/email/post etc our pictures as we wanted.

  2. The photos are amazing!! The colors are perfect and you look gorgeous!

  3. I love the color of your dress. I also say that the photog’s personality is very important and meeting with them ahead of time is really essential to knowing if you get along or not.

    Getting digital files and buying the rights to your photos is also important.

  4. I actually put out a facebook status asking for photogs in the DC area and about 10 people responded. So out of those, I looked at the websites and found one that i just love.

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