Five irrational wedding things I want/have

When T and I started wedding planning, we decided we would each be allowed five things we wanted for the wedding, without having to explain why or justify the cost.  I’m amazed at the crazy shit people will let you get away with (or, in fact, ENCOURAGE you to do) when you’re a bride.  Here are mine.

1.  Photo Stamps for the Invitatons

Because they are cute.  Beyond that, I’m not sure why I want them.  I think it comes down to the issue of when else am I going to be able to turn my FACE into POSTAGE without people thinking I’m nuts.  This reminds me of the time my uncle was on a game show, and made his Christmas card stamps several years later his picture with the game show host, and everyone laughed at him for being kind of like Uncle Rico in Napoleon Dynamite.  When you’re getting married, suddenly it’s acceptable and cute.  And I’m going to milk that.  It will probably be one of our engagement pictures, which I haven’t been able to show you because T is internet shy.  I will instead post this one, where T remains unidentifiable.


Photo: Danielle Aquiline Photography

Aren’t his feet cute?  Our children will have Sasquatch feet.

2.  My fascinator

Again, short of the Kentucky Derby, or becoming a backup dancer for Cher, when will I ever get to wear feathers in my hair without people thinking I’m nuts.  It’s pretty, and I spent way too much money on it, and I don’t care what people think.

fascinator 005

3.  Fine china

Again, I’m not really sure why I want this.  We aren’t usually fine china kind of people, but I rationalize this (not that I need to) by the fact that we have semi-professional jobs and might have colleagues over someday.  Currently we have mismatched bowls and plates, so I’m really dying for something pretty and matching.  We also registered for everyday dishes.  I have no idea where we’ll put this, or when we’ll use it, but oh well.  This is our pattern, should you wish to send any.  It’s called “Blue Duchesse” by Vera Wang.

4.  Hand tied bow ties for the groom/groomsmen

T has turned me into a men’s clothing snob.  He buys nice clothes and wears them well. When we were talking about what the groomsmen would wear for the wedding, we both decided a classic black tux with black bow tie was the way to go.  Then I saw a picture, and I wish I could put it here, but it’s on my photographer’s blog and I’d feel bad, of a bride and groom that was GORGEOUS…but you could see the clippy part of his bow tie.  And it ruined it for me.  It reminds me of a three-year-old that has to wear a clip-on tie.  Luckily, our best man and my future brother in law knows how to tie bow ties, so he’s in charge.  T has his eye on these from J. Press:

5.  I’m leaving this spot open for now.  I figure that in the next six months, I’ll come up with something else, so I’m saving it.  Suggestions?  What are your favorite totally irrational wedding must-haves?


3 Responses

  1. Love it! 🙂 I don’t think I am doing anything irrational for our wedding… yet. Maybe the dress. That’s currently in the works. And Open bar is a MUST. That can not be denied.

  2. I had the feather fascinator too- completely irrational and completely perfect. I also needed a candy bar for favors, a fancy card box, a brooch for my dress that nobody would see…and I’m sure there were other things.

    Enjoy the planning- nothing is supposed to be rational!

  3. I love the feather!! I’d be tempted to wear that in real life 😛

    I’m with Leah – I’d have to have an open bar!

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