Doggie vibes

Just a quick update.  Went to yoga this morning.  It was rainy and cold and the room was freezing, but I still had a good class.

Anyway, in celebration of me finally getting a job, at long last, T and I have decided to adopt a dog!   We have wanted a dog since we first started dating, but our old apartment didn’t allow them.  Then we moved and were too busy with the bar and whatnot, but now it seems like our ducks are in a row and we’re ready. We went to the animal shelter last night and walked around for a bit and did a meet and greet with four different dogs we picked out.  Two of them in particular we loved, but we decided on one little guy because we think he’s the perfect size and energy level for our lifestyle.

Unfortunately, because we are going to be gone this weekend, we can’t actually secure him as our dog until Saturday morning, when they’ll put a 48 hour hold on him so we can pick him up either Monday or Tuesday.  This means we have two agonizing days of waiting and hoping nobody else wants to adopt our little guy.  So, please send us your best doggie vibes!  We really love him already and I’m so nervous someone else is going to snatch him up.  He is a two-year-old beagle and looks to be purebred.  We haven’t decided on a name yet, though we’ve debated it plenty already!

dogs 003

This was the other dog we both loved, too.  Isn’t her smile adorable?  She thought she was a lap dog and practically knocked us both over trying to give us kisses.

dogs 001

Anyway, I’m off to get my hairs cut.  Tell me about your pets!


8 Responses

  1. Aw! Cute! We’ve been wanting a dog too but our townhouse doesn’t let us and I’d feel bad not spending enough time with it with our current schedules and commutes. But one day!

  2. aww I want a dog so bad! My parents have one and I love being with him any chance I get. Good luck!

  3. Aww!!!! I have a beagle right now too. Best dog I’ve EVER had. Good luck!

  4. You need them both! They are so sweet. 🙂 Beagles are great dogs, but I just love the expression of the second one too!

    We just have the cats (as you know).

  5. They are both super cute 🙂

    I adopted my dog Jack from the humane society 5 years ago- we are pretty sure he is a purebred dalmatian! We love him like ridicuous 🙂 I can’t wait to get another one eventually!

  6. I have a golden retriever named Murphy. He is almost three. We adopted him from a golden retriever rescue almost a year ago. He is the bestest.

  7. I LOVE beagles!! But that might just be my fondness for Snoopy 😉

    I have a miniature poodle named Archie that lives with my mom. Chris grew up with a poodle too (he has allergies) so we’ve both agreed to get one when the time is right 🙂

    Sending good doggie vibes!

  8. I have two dogs: Cocoa an australian shepherd mix and Storm a chow/akita mix. I also have a cat named Buttercup. Pets really brighten a day! 🙂

    I can’t wait until you’ve got your doggie home! Good vibes your way!

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