Bad workouts, new clothes!

Ugh.  Today I had a bad workout.  Aren’t those the worst?  I was planning on running a steady paced five miles on the treadmill today, but my body had other ideas.  I was just miserable.  I think I have to quit running after eating dairy and/or drinking coffee.  The first two miles I powered through, but I was so incredibly nauseous and my legs felt like they were made of lead (I suspect yesterday’s hills were harder on my body than I thought originally).  Then I walked for a few minutes, ran another mile, walked a few more minutes, and finally ran another half a mile and had to stop.  I was just not feeling well at all!  I think I ended up doing something like 4 miles of run/walking in about 44:00 or so.  It was rough, and my stomach has been just off all day since then.  I had to force down lunch, and the only thing that sounds even mildly appealing for dinner is my go-to “sick food” from when I was little–plain buttered elbow macaroni!  So, that’s what I’ll have.  No need to upset my stomach to have the perfect balanced dinner–one bland carby day isn’t going to hurt anything.

Now, the fun stuff!  Since I’m starting my new job, I’m giving myself a bit of a makeover.  All summer, I basically let my hair and wardrobe and personal grooming go to pot because really, all I was doing was sitting around the house studying for the bar exam.  Then, being unemployed, I didn’t have the money to buy clothes, and I didn’t want to buy anything new until I knew what I’d be doing.   But now that I have a job, I can buy!  (And I need to, because I got nothin’ to wear to work!)

I bought three cute skirts.  I love skirts.  Skirts and dresses flatter me far more than pants–I really hate dress pants.  My body likes to store every bit of fat in my thighs, so pants that fit me in the waist and butt are skintight in the thighs, and pants that are big enough in the thighs are HUGE in the waist and butt.  Sigh.

clothes 003

Here is the one lone pair of pants I found that looked somewhat okay.  And a pair of cute black flats:

clothes 006

Sweaters!  And shirts!  In total, I wound up with a white short-sleeved button down, a blue and white striped short sleeved button down, a merino wool blue v-neck sweater, an ivory shawl collar sweater, a short-sleeved gray cowl-neck sweater, and a black turtleneck:

clothes 004

clothes 005

Please excuse the cat in the pictures.  He was being…strong-willed.

And accessories!  Two pairs of tights (cream and black), knee-highs, and some shoe-linery kind of things.  Also, hair dye.  I have awful roots right now.  Tomorrow I’m getting a hair cut for the first time since July.  I will do a before and after post that includes the results of dye-ing.

clothes 001

So, that’s the haul so far.  I’m still looking for:

  • a big shoulder bag
  • comfy black heels
  • a cute way to pull my hair back that looks professional
  • black/charcoal gray pants (ugh)

What are your shopping challenges?  And what do you do when your workout just sucks the big one?

9 Responses

  1. if you’re into 3.5″ heels, Madden Girl Brooklyn Heel is ultra comfortable.

    as for the hair I usually part it on the side, then pull back loosely and then wrap a small section of my hair around the band and secure it under the ponytail with a bobby pin. you could also curl the tail.

  2. I have a similar problem as you do with pants. And highwaters. I have long long legs for my height (I’m 5’6″ with the legs of a 5’10” monster) so that’s a challenge. And I love to wear heels so that is even more of a challenge! Oh, and I have no boobs. At all. They just don’t exists. So shirts are sometimes hard.

  3. I have the same thigh issue. I also have an arm issue. I don’t think my arms are abnormally large but a lot of times, the arm holes in shirts will be too small. Then if I try a bigger size, the rest of the shirt is too big.

    When my workouts suck, I just sort of accept it. Some are going to be great and some are going to be terrible. It evens out.

  4. Ha, I have the exact opposite issue with pants! Whatever fits me in the waist is super loose in the butt and thighs, but pants that actually hug my butt and thighs don’t button up :\ Gosh, seems like the Big Man just couldn’t get it right! 😛 Also, I haven’t cut or dyed my hair since May, and I have a full-time job. Errr, time to get on that.

    The way I see it, I work out SO often, statistically, I’m going to get a few bad ones. If anything, they’re “teachable moments,” or better, “character building.” Something like that anyways 😛

  5. I’m a thunderthighs kind of girl – jeans and trouser shopping are the worst – as even the larger sizes I can’t get over my thighs/butt. I’m a M/L on top, but an easy XL++ on the bottom.

    But the H&M dress pants tend to fit quite nicely, as do the ones from UNIQLO. If you happen to have either of these stores in the area, I highly recommend it – the stuff is really reasonably priced, too. (I find UNIQLO has better quality than H&M, though)

  6. It sounds like we may have similar body types. I have the same issues with pants. I also have abnormally broad shoulders and no boobs so my shirts fit weird too! Oh yeah, and I’m 4’11 and my inseam is like 27! So clothes shopping is not my favorite hobby! lol!

  7. oh i love it- the making over for your new job- so fun to get new clothes and accesories and a new hair do!! hope it goes well , i can’t wait to see it!

  8. my workout sucked the big one today!! i left the gym after 15 minutes on the elliptical and burning 40 kcal according to my polar hrm! I think I was bored of the gym and my muscles are just so tired from this week of strength- so i think listening to what your body is telling you is super important! mixing up your workouts is helpful too..

    my shopping challenges are spending too much money on stuff that is on sale and cute!

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