When T and I got engaged, we talked priorities.  “Awesome food” was number one.  Honestly, neither of us cared at all about how pretty our reception location was, as long as it wasn’t heinously tacky, if the food was good.

Anyway, our reception location is pretty cool-looking anyway (kind of reminds me of a 1940s lounge or something) and we like it.  But now, we are dealing with picking a menu.  Our dinner will be served family style, so large dishes will be brought to each table and passed around and refilled as needed.  We get two appetizers, two salads, two pastas, two entrees, and two desserts (plus wedding cake).  Since we are doing our tasting on Saturday and are limited in the amount of stuff we can take, this is what we roughly have listed as definite selections or contenders for each course.


  • Stuffed mushrooms: Jumbo mushroom caps stuffed with spinach and topped with our seasoned breadcrumbs and house cheese; served in a white wine chicken broth. (definite.  These are to die for.)
  • Bruschetta: Italian garlic bread toasted and topped with a tomato bruschetta relish made of diced tomatoes, balsamic vinegar and roasted garlic. (definite.  We both love it and it’s a crowd pleaser.)


  • Spinach: Tender leaf spinach tossed with roasted red peppers, sweet roasted onions, gorgonzola cheese, apple cider vinigrette and topped with smoked bacon and toasted pine nuts. (Definite.  We love spinach and spinach salads.  Lettuce doesn’t often find it’s way into our house.)
  • Italian tossed salad: Iceberg, Arugula, Kalamata Olives, Red Onions, Pepperoncini & Italian Vinaigrette (Contender.  We’re sampling it on Saturday.)
  • Tomato and mozzarella caprese:(Contender.  Sampling on Saturday, and oddly there is no menu description of this)
  • Italian antipasti (Contender.  Ditto above.)


  • Rigatoni “D”: Rigatoni pasta, herb roasted boneless chicken, mushrooms and onions, tossed in a light Marsala cream sauce. (Definite.  We love this and want to have one cream-based and one tomato-based pasta)
  • Baked ziti and sausage: (Contender.  No menu description.  Sampling this on Saturday.)


  • Chicken marsala: Chicken breasts sauteed with marsala wine, veal sauce, mushrooms, onions and basil. (Contender.  Sampling on Saturday.)
  • Beef braciole: (Contender.  Sampling on Saturday.  No description.)
  • Oven roasted pork loin with a balsamic glaze: (Ditto above.)


  • Wedding cake!  We’re sampling this on Sunday, yum, but that will probably involve chocolate.
  • Profiteroles and vanilla ice cream: Pastry shell filled with vanilla bean ice cream and topped with our own hot fudge and fresh whipped cream; dusted with cocoa powder and powdered sugar. (Contender. Sampling this on Saturday.
  • New York style cheesecake: New York style ricotta cheesecake topped with fresh berries and whipped cream. (Contender.  We’ve had this before and it’s fantastic, even though I’m not really a cheesecake person.)
  • Tiramisu: Ladyfinger cookies soaked in espresso and coffee liquer layered with mascarpone cheese;dusted with cocoa powder and served with chocolate (Contender.  We’ve had it before, and it’s T’s favorite, but I’m not a big fan.)

So, what do you think?  What do you like/don’t you like?  We are not sure if we have to build a veggie option in or if they will have something, but don’t worry–we have a few vegetarian guests and will definitely accommodate them.

Because this post has no illustrations…here’s a picture of Southpaw showing off her latest interest–drinking out of the toilet.  Classy.

kittens 012


2 Responses

  1. a) Salad: I would probably elect for an antipasto, just to give it more variety is people are huge fans of salad? But depends on taste test of course.
    b) Entree: I like the idea of having a chicken and a beef option. Pork is tricky… can often be too dry when made for these types of events.
    c) Desserts: Tiramisu is my personal favorite so I am biased. A lot of people like cheesecake, I’m not one of them. And the Profiteroles and vanilla ice cream sounds divine.

  2. Salad: tomato and mozarella for people who don’t like greens.
    Entree: Love chicken marsala but the beef sound good too!
    Dessert: Big tiramisu fan here!

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