Weekend update, upcoming week

Hi, all.  Not much blogging this weekend because, well, not much to report!

Friday after my five-miler I went to volunteer at my totally awesome volunteer job.  Here is where I volunteer.  Isn’t it cool?

grocerystore 001

The whole place is covered in beautiful glittery kid-friendly mosaics like that.  I can’t help but smile when I’m there.

After volunteering, I went to see T at work and met a few of his co-workers.  Most people were gone early since it was Friday, so he left with me.  We came home for a bit and went out to dinner.  I ate (half) a giant cheeseburger and it was awesome.  I was STARVING by the time we got there.  Then we came home and chilled for the rest of the night.

Saturday was uneventful.  I grocery shopped, we watched college football, I made stew and biscuits for dinner, we watched a Netflix movie.  Good times.

Today we woke up early and went to church.  I then completed our kitty table numbers (yay!) and did five loads of laundry.  Now we’re catching up on Tivo and relaxing.  I love weekends!

Here are my plans for the upcoming week, workout-wise, wedding-wise, and other-wise:

  • Monday: 5 miles at the gym
  • Tuesday: 4 mile hill run outside; donate platelets
  • Wednesday: 5.5 miles (or more?) at the gym
  • Thursday: nice, relaxing yoga
  • Friday: rest up for my race, drive 8 hours to Chicago with T!
  • Saturday: 5K with my sister (goal: finish in under 30:00?  I think I can, I think I can…), reception food tasting, hair consultation, dinner with friends
  • Sunday: meeting with florist, cake tasting, dinner with family
  • Monday: drive back to KC

In other news, you’ll notice I haven’t been lifting weights for awhile.  The last time I lifted, about a week and a half ago, I had some slight shoulder pain afterwards–it felt funny and clicked a bit when I lifted it, so I laid off for awhile.  Instead of getting better, it’s gotten worse.  My right arm feels funny on the back, along the tricep down to my elbow.  The shoulder joint clicks when I lift it and bend it some ways.  There is also dull ache in my elbow now that just started today–it almost feels like a funny pulling sensation in my tricep muscle.  I’m flummoxed by this, so if anyone has any suggestions of what to do to make it better, let me know.  Ice?  More rest?  Heat?  Raw steak? I’d like to avoid a doctor if possible!


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  1. Dear Brie…
    I tagged you for a little Kreativ Blogger badge on my blog.

    Much love to you!


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