Sorry for the lack of posting today, guys.  I’ve been running  around like a madwoman all day long!  It’s been one of THOSE days, which doesn’t help matters.

Not that that’s a bad thing.  It’s just been…off.  I woke up late because my alarm didn’t go off, despite being set perfectly.  Then when I was running around trying to make it to yoga on time, I spilled strawberry jam all over the steering wheel of my car.  My normal yoga instructor was gone today, and the new one skipped my beloved pigeon pose.  And then I did laundry and forgot to put the detergent in, and it downpoured on me the minute I got out of my car to walk to my job interview.  Luckily, the interview went well, so fingers are crossed on that front.

Oddly enough, I got the opportunity to talk about running AND the blog today in my interview.  One of my FOUR (!!!) interviewers asked casually, “So, what have you done in the week since we’ve seen you last?”  I mentioned that I’d done some volunteering and that I’d registered for a half marathon, and she lit up like a Christmas tree!  Apparently, she’s an avid runner herself and we spent a few minutes comparing which races we’re running this year.  We will both be running in the same 8K in November, which she says is really fun because it’s largely downhill with beautiful scenery, and she told me that my half marathon is a “flat, fast, and windy” course.  In retrospect, I feel weird that I blathered about running for awhile in a JOB INTERVIEW for a job that is totally unrelated to running, but I do feel like it got things off on a good food and I was able to develop a rapport with her.

And I mentioned the blog when they asked me what kinds of social media I was familiar with.  Psssht!  Facebook, Twitter, blogging–I do it all.  They were way impressed when I talked about how I felt I could use Twitter and blogging in the job I was applying for.  I didn’t give them a link or anything, but I did mentioned that I enjoyed and maintained a blog.  So, that was cool!

Anyway, I’m sorry about the absence of pictures (and interesting content in this post).  Next week’s goal is to work on photographing things for the blog, I swear!  I have a few fun posts on the horizon for Friday and Saturday, and our big wedding planning weekend trip is coming up on the 10th-11th so I’ll have tons of stuff to talk about after that.

What’s your oddest job interview experience?


3 Responses

  1. I actually had my oddest interview earlier this week! I felt like I was speed dating! I met with four different people for a few minutes each and just kept saying the same things about myself! It was odd.

  2. So glad the interview went well! I need more interviews right now, period, weird ones or not!

    I can’t believe I’m just now finding your blog, can’t wait to read more!

  3. Running has given me something to talk about with so many random people, I love it! It really is like a little community 🙂

    I applied for a hotel maid position once. The guy doing the interview took one look at me at told me he’d call me if he had a front desk position. Pfft.

    Just set up your post for tomorrow – I hope it goes up!!

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