Today was a treadmill day.  I actually WANTED to run outside again, but something is going on with my upper respiratory system that tells me to stay inside.  When I was a kid, I had pretty severe asthma.  I consider myself having outgrown it, since I am no longer on medication for it and haven’t had an asthma attack since probably junior high, but running outside when there’s a bit of a chill really seems to bring it back.  All afternoon and evening yesterday I was struggling with a bit of wheezing and chest tightness, so I decided to keep it indoors.

Anyway.  Went to the gym, and ran about 2.25 miles at a 9:50 pace when I saw a “friend” of mine from the classes I went to regularly a few weeks ago.  Pathetically, since we just moved to an area where I don’t know anyone but T and his family, and I’m unemployed, I don’t really have friends.  So, we chatted for a bit and she mentioned that she wants to get back into running outdoors.  She lives about 10 blocks from me, so we exchanged phone numbers and talked about possibly going for a run next week sometime.  She says she does about 10 minute miles because she’s a stay at home mom and pushes her daughter in the baby jogger when she goes.  (Cute kid, by the way!)  So, maybe, I made a friend?  And a running buddy?

After she left, the treadmill had reset itself so I started it up again.  I decided to play around and run some random intervals for a mile.  I think I did a minute at a 10:00 pace, a minute at 7:30, 2 minutes at 10:00, a minute at 7:30, a minute at 12:30, a minute at 10:00, and a minute at 9:00.  Something like that, anyway.  I finished the mile in a total of 9:15, somehow, and then walked briskly for about 5 minutes.  I wasn’t sure whether to call it quits or keep going.

I thought it would be interesting to “feel” the difference between a 9:15 mile at weird intervals and at a steady pace, so I picked it up and ran a steady 9:15 mile.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was!  Anyway, then I cooled down by walking.  In total, I think I ended up covering somewhere between 4.5-5 miles in 50 minutes.  It was fun!

I was playing with speed a little bit today because of my upcoming 5K on October 10.  I’m going to be running with my sister, and she is WAY faster than I am.  I secretly want us to run the race together because we don’t get to spend much time together since she lives far away, but we are both really competitive and I know she will probably leave me in the dust.   I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep up with her–the difference between the two of us is that she doesn’t run outside at all and runs short distances.  She told me, for example, she ran 3 8:30 miles on her treadmill the other day.  I run longer distances than she does, and I do some outside on hills, but I am slower.  So, it will be interesting to see how things shake out!

Anyway, I have to run–I have shopping to do!
PS: Don’t you just love my new header?  My awesome graphic designer buddy Salt made it for me.  She’s a fellow yoga-loving bride and I highly recommend her blog for another good fitnessy-weddingy read!

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  1. Yay for making friends! I’m in a similar, yet opposite situation as you. I live in a university town, one that no one (except me, apparently) stays in after they graduate. So all my friends are long gone and I’m stuck here all by my lonesome! Gyms are great places for meeting people though, there are a few ladies I’ve started chatting with in my classes 🙂 The dudes in the weight room are another story though… 😛

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