On a kick

Sorry I slacked a little yesterday.  I had kind of a rough afternoon, but it all ended in some great news so I feel good.
Anyway, the exercise stats.  Yesterday was yoga.  I think yoga and running are my two favorite ways to work out lately, and I think they complement each other really well.  Sometimes I get really pumped about weightlifting or group classes, but neither of those have really been interesting me lately.  Yesterday’s yoga class was particularly great.  I especially love how great pigeon pose feels on my hips, all three variations:

My only complaint is that I wish my gym offered yoga more often.  They only have yoga once a week!  Boo.  There are two Pilates classes, but I don’t like it nearly as much.

Today I was pumped for another good long run on the treadmill.  I’m not going to give up on running outside, but for now I’d like to work on improving my distance, which is kind of hard to do on the insane hills in my area.  I discreetly snapped a few pictures in the gym to show you where I work out!  Fun, huh?  Here is my workout, in photo form.  It was really awesome and I feel great about these stats:

treadmill 001

Yup, that’s 4.55 miles in 45 minutes (the :07 was just the time it took me to get out my phone and take a picture.

Here’s my view from the treadmill.  Today I watched a little Bonnie Hunt, a little Martha Stewart, and a little bit of the View.  It’s really hard to read closed captioning while running, though.

treadmill 002

Gotta run (again)–I’m off to volunteer!  Do you like the gym or working out outside better?  I really have to be in a mood to go outside, but it is a nice change of pace from time to time.


3 Responses

  1. It totally depends on my mood. I’m a wuss when it comes to the cold (yet I live in the Northeast), so if it is too cold, I have to work out inside. It’s nice to get outside and see the scenery sometimes!

  2. Pigeon is one of my favorites!

    Personally, I don’t work out well unless I’m at my gym. When I lived in Santa Barbara, I used to run 4 miles on my lunch break every other day and that was awesome because I would run right along the beach, but it’s not like we have anything like that here!

  3. I could sleep in pigeon pose I love it so much. I have cranky hips and it makes them feel soooo gooooood.

    Honestly, I think I prefer indoors. I like the temperature controlled climate, the TVs, the other people, the washrooms… I have really warmed up to running outdoors though. I think that’s just because I love the trail I run on. Cycling is still taking some getting used to. I don’t like sharing the roads with cranky drivers, I still like spin class better!

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