I love my bridesmaids

And honestly, I’m sad that I don’t get a bridesmaid’s dress.  Because I LOVE them and would totally wear them to another wedding or a cocktail party or whatever.

Bridesmaid’s dress shopping was kind of a comedy of errors.  Since we live in KC, and our wedding (and my family and 2 bridesmaids) is in Chicago, and one bridesmaid is in Indianapolis and one is way out in Boston, we basically had one shot to find these puppies.  My mom and sister came to visit me in late August and we were determined to pick out dresses in KC.  That way, the girls would just have to get measured, call their measurements in, and I could hopefully order them in time to deliver 3/4 of the dresses at Christmas.  (The Boston one will have to be shipped.)

How should I put this…my mom, sister, and I have very divergent tastes.  I tend to run towards Gap, Banana Republic, and J.Crew at the mall; my sister will head towards Forever 21; and my mom will go to Coldwater Creek.  So, finding a dress was no small task.  I really wasn’t too picky–my only criteria were that the dress was knee length and not strapless, because I think those looks are the most flattering on most people.  (I also hate long dresses in general, my wedding dress being the notable exception here.)  I was open to champagne gold, pink, or aqua dresses.

My poor sister.  God bless her.  We literally stripped her down and THREW dresses over her head.  She stood there with her arms up, I dropped them over her head and zipped them up, we immediately said “nope,” or “maybe” or “hmm” and then she got out of it and we handed it to my mom, the expert at hanging things up.

Here are a few of the losers. (Ignore the colors–the samples were all sorts of heinous shades.)  I really wish you could see the expression on my sister’s face, but I’ve cropped it out because who wants pictures of them in unflattering bridesmaid’s dresses splashed across the interwebs?  Her expressions range from “why are you doing this to me” to “punchy and pretending to be a model.”

idas2 009

idas2 011

idas2 012

idas2 013

Eventually, we decided to go to another store.  And finally, at a third, when my sister was actually texting while we dressed and undressed her, we found one we ALL really liked.  We ordered the color in the picture–it’s actually a two tone dress–the sash is a slightly darker shade of champagne gold than the rest of the dress.  It’s by Jim Hjelm Occasions.  Here’s the picture from the website (helpfully, of the back):

And here’s my lovely sister modeling:

bridesmaid 001

And the back, which I lovelovelove:

bridesmaid 002

Anyway, hopefully everyone will call in their measurements by October 1st and we can get the dress order in.  They said they usually take 2-2.5 months to come in, so that would mean we’d have them by Christmas.

What do you think?  Thumbs up? Thumbs down?  Ever had a bridesmaid’s dress you hated?


4 Responses

  1. Yup- I was in a wedding a month after mine and the dress was heinous! I looked terrible 😦

    Yours are hot, and I love the hot pink “loser” too!

  2. Oooh, I like it! I would be happy to wear that! The different coloured sash around the waist will be flattering on everyone, and the detail on the back is gorgeous. From what I’ve seen, they fit really well with your wedding “theme” (sorry, I know you hate themes! :P)

    P.S. I just responded to your comment – a half marathon is SO exciting!! I have my heart set on doing one in May that my city hosts every Mother’s Day. I think we sould “train together” on the treadmill this winter! 🙂

  3. I had to wear a yellow dress once. That was pretty bad. And one that had a striped top. Who looks good in horizontal stripes?!

    I got my bridesmaid dresses from J. Crew. Well, they haven’t been ordered yet, but that’s where they are going to be coming from.

  4. The dress is so cute! Love the back! Definately wearable for another occassion too!

    Last month I had a nightmare of a time dress shopping for my cousins wedding (it was worse than swimsuit shopping, no lie)…two of us are short and fuller figured and the other three are tall and skinny. Everything I put on my cousin would be like “why does the hem hit you at such a funny place on the leg”….ummmm because I’m 4’11??? lol! Anyhow we had to get long dresses that cost a fortune and need altered but she’s happy so I’m happy!

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