Running Wild

Well, I’ve been a running fool this week.

Yesterday at the gym, I ran a mile.  Then my blistery arches were hurting, so I biked for half an hour.  Then I lifted weights for 20 minutes, and then I ran another mile.  Some days I have what I call an ADD workout–I can’t really stick with one thing so I wind up doing lots of things for a little while.  It’s fine by me–exercise is exercise, and I’m not going to do it if I’m bored.

Today I ran 4.4 miles in 45 minutes.  I took two 90-second walk breaks, but other than that, it was all running.  Then, I did 12 minutes of intervals–walking at a 4.0 speed, then running at a 7.2-7.5 speed.  Good times.  Again, I burned a crap ton of calories and had a great time.

Because I like putting pictures in posts, and I can’t really think of how I could illustrate this post, I decided to take a picture of my horrid looking feet so you know I’m not just complaining about nothing.  If you hate feet, stop now.  If you like seeing kind of gross looking things, proceed happily.  Keep in mind–these pictures represent a VAST improvement over my old shoes.  Sad, no?

Here is my sad little left foot, the size 8 that tends to slip around in my size 9 shoe a bit:

blisters 002

And here is my right foot, the size 9:

blisters 003

Sorry if that was gross.  I am personally fascinated with seeing grisly athletic injuries, but I may be the odd one here.

And finally, a piece of distressing news: I just noticed that my 8K race does not allow headphones/iPods.  Aaah!  Have any of you run a race without music?  I don’t know how I’ll do it!  Yikes!


6 Responses

  1. Ohman, for some reason I pictured blisters on your ankles, not the bottom of your feet! That sucks! But, I guess an improvement is still better than nothing. I wonder if specialty running socks would help?

    • The sad part is, that is with the special nylon or whatever running socks. I wear the Balega kind–they’re really nice! It’s even worse when I just wear cotton.

  2. Ugh blisters suck! I hope they go away soon

  3. I was so conflicted reading this post…Feet gross me out completely, but I love gory athletic injuries too so it was a battle of my mind to scroll down.

    And um. OW.

    Have you tried putting one of those inner sole things in your shoe? You could be gellin’ and everything. Just an idea..

    BTW, you are a running BEAST. Great job! =)

  4. Headphones are illegal in triathlons, so I’ve had to get used to running without them. Running outdoors it’s no problem as there are lots of other things to see and look at. Running on the treadmill, I usually give in and wear headphones, but a lot of the time now I actually find them to be a distraction. I’m betting if you try it out for a while, you’ll get used to it!

  5. Gaaah! I used to have blisters like that! As in…. IS THAT MY FOOT?! exactly the same. The problem was that I needed to be wearing the same size but in Narrow. My feet were sliding around!

    Something to think about!

    Oh, and I just started using my ipod on runs. I actually like hearing myself breath and hearing others around me. It might be weird! I pr-ed in my half headphones free! 😀

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