Stuff Fitness Bloggers Like (and I don’t) #1: Oatmeal

As you can tell from my blogroll (points), I like reading blogs about people who like eating mostly healthy foods with regular not-so-healthy indulgences.  I check them a whole lot, because I like reading about interesting food and fitness stuff, and most of said bloggers are around my age (mid-twenties) and gender (pure lady) so I kinda feel like they’re my friends.  Weird, I know.  (Or is it?)

Here’s the thing.  There is always. so. much. farking. OATMEAL on these blogs.  Yes, I get it.  Oatmeal is awesome.  It lowers your cholesterol and makes you poop regularly and saves kittens from fires.  But it’s GROSS, and I refuse to feel like an inadequate healthy lifestyle blogger because I don’t like it.  You heard me, loud and clear.  I don’t like oatmeal!  I’m proud!  I think it tastes like cardboard!  I would seriously have to put a meal’s worth of calories in toppings on it (are brownies a topping?) to make it palatable.

Readers, I’ve tried.  Just last night I tried to make some of Kath‘s whipped banana oatmeal.  Sorry, Kath, but I spit it out.  I love me some banana, and vanilla, but it still doesn’t hide the oatmeal-y taste under it all.  And there is just something about eating a bowl of steaming hot goo in the morning that makes my stomach churn.

Friends, I’m here to take up the cause of cold cereal.  Poor, neglected, looked-down-upon, “but it’s soo processed” cold cereal.  Every single day, I eat the same breakfast: cold cereal, topped with milk and protein powder.  It’s delightful.  Meet my stash:

cereal 001

Well, technically, the Honey Nut Cheerios are T’s, but I’m going for volume.  Yes, I have four different boxes of Kashi in my cabinet: plain GoLean, GoLean Crunch, and GoLean Crunch Honey Almond Flax.  They are all delicious, and filled with protein and fiber.  The Crunch varieties have a bit more sugar than I’d like, but I usually mix them with the plain GoLean so it’s not too bad.  While they are considered more processed than plain old oatmeal, they make me infinitely happier and keep me fuller longer.  I also use whey protein mixed with the milk to give my cereal an extra protein boost.  Usually I use about half a scoop, which is about 60 calories and 12 g. of protein:

cereal 003

cereal 005

The finished product:

cereal 006

Delicious.  And far more palatable, to me, at least, than oatmeal.  Sorry, guys.  Cold cereal’s got my heart, and I am not ashamed anymore.

Bonus: T and I have somehow conditioned our cat Southpaw to beg for cereal milk every morning…and drink it out of a spoon like the dainty little lady she is.  See?

kittens 001

What are your favorite cold cereals?  I’m open to trying new flavors and brands!


12 Responses

  1. I’m trying Kashi based on your rec. It better be good or I’m coming after you. ❤

    Personally I am a Special K vanilla almond kind of girl, but I don't allow myself to eat it often because it tastes so good that I run the risk of killing the whole box in a day.

    • Salt, the Kashi GoLean is pretty flavorless, which is why I usually mix it with the GoLean Crunch, which is much tastier. Flavored protein powder also helps, and sometimes I sprinkle it with ground cinnamon too.

  2. Haha, I used to fear the hot goo too. But then my mom’s ex-boyfriend started making giant pots every morning when I was in high school. His was unlike any oat combo I’d ever tried, and it’s been love ever since! (with the oats, not my mom’s BF, ew).

    Cereal is a “trigger” food for me. If it’s within reach, I find myself shoving handfuls of it in my face. So I tend not to buy a lot of it and save it for sprinkling on yogurt. My favourites are anything by Nature’s Path and Fibre 1 🙂

  3. i love both, cereal and oatmeal. but i mostly gravitate towards cereal because there is NO COOKING involved.

  4. Say it proudly – it is okay to not like oatmeal!!

    (have you ever tried it with dark chocolate chips though?)….couldn’t help at least trying to convert you 🙂

    My favorite cold cereals are Kashi Honey Sunshine and Special K chocolatey delight.

    Love your blog!!

  5. It’s OK not to like oatmeal. I genuinely love it, but I can see why people don’t 🙂

    Great blog!

    Kate (a newlywed lawyer and runner)

  6. I ❤ Oats and miss them on days that I choose something else Cold cereal is way hard fore to control portions. Tell me about the whey powder. What kind is good? I'm thinking I need to add some protein especially with the running I'm doing.

  7. I ❤ oats! And miss them when I make a different breakfast. Cold cereal- yum- but so hard for me to control portion and be satisfied. Tell me about the whey powder. I don't think I always have enough protein especially now that I am "a runner". What kind is good?

  8. quaker OAT SQUARES! barbara’s shredded oats! =D kashi is awesome. omg. =D glc is CRACK! i like post shredded wheat too. =D

  9. I am with you on the oatmeal scene. Every now and then I can handle it but I definitely don’t eat it as much as other food bloggers. I love cold cereal and have found that topping it with almond butter makes it stick with me longer!

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