Happy feet

Why haven’t I been running my whole life?  Why did I stop last year?  (Oh, yeah.  Because I wanted to lift weights and I’m not great at juggling more than one fitness focus at a time.)

Today I decided to run.  It was raining really hard outside, so I went to the gym and beat feet on the treadmill.  I know a lot of people hate it, but I really like people-watching at the gym.  My gym also has TV’s, which is nice, but I get kind of nauseous trying to read the closed captioning while running.   Feeling a bit cocky about my awesome new shoes, I set a goal to do 4 miles in under 40 minutes.  And, lo and behold, I did–4.0 miles in 39:40, and I probably could have gone faster.  I cooled down a bit by walking briskly on the treadmill, and then I felt so great I decided, “What the heck?  Let’s do some intervals!”

They were pretty easy, since I haven’t done them before and it was kind of bonus exercise.  I did two minutes walking a 13:00 minute mile, then sprinted for one minute at an 8:00 minute mile pace.  I love running intervals–they really go by quickly because you can break up a long workout into small, manageable chunks.

In total, today’s stats were:

  • Time: 1:03:45
  • Average HR: 175
  • Calories burned: 770!

Pretty sweet.  I’m feeling great after that.  The only problem I’ve found with running, though, is that it makes me SO HUNGRY.  I work out a lot, but nothing gets my appetite going like running does.  I want to eat my whole kitchen.  Runners, how do you deal with this?  Is it an adjustment thing, or is it something I’m just going to have to get used to?

In other exciting running news, I’ve registered for my third race.  T and I are going to Chicago to work on some wedding stuff over Columbus Day weekend.  My sister (and maid of honor) lives there, and earlier this summer she asked me if I’d like to do the Chicago Half Marathon with her.  I said no, since I didn’t know what my schedule would be like and the bar exam didn’t leave me much time to train properly.  Out of curiosity, I checked to see if there were any races in our hometown we could do together when I’m home, and lo and behold, there was a 5K within 10 minutes of where we’ll be staying.  I e-mailed her immediately and she agreed, so we’re doing it! I am really excited to run a race with her–we don’t have a lot of common interests, but now I’m glad we will.

In administrative notes, if you’re curious as to what races I’m doing, I’m going to put them all on the “Race Times” thingy on the right side of the page.  I’ll only add races there after I officially register or complete them.  Hooray!


6 Responses

  1. lol i love people watching at our gym too!

  2. i find the opposite with running, that it makes me a lot less hungry. it’s a moot point for me right now because i have a hip injury–so im generally just hungry & not running haha. congrats on your great run!


  3. Yay on the awesome run! I don’t mind the treadmill that much either, mostly because I’m a wuss when it comes to weather 😛

    I don’t notice a huge change in hunger with running, but I do notice a change on race days, or days that I reeeeally push myself on the trails. I think it’s more related to intensity of the runs for me.

  4. That calorie burn is amazing! Good luck on your race!

  5. Good luck on your upcoming races! I WISH I could enjoy running more…I’ve tried and tried, but my legs are wonky from surgeries as a kid so I have to stick to things that are lower impact.

  6. oh goodness the runner’s hunger.

    Awesome job on the run lady!!! I am just like you and tend to focus on one type of exercise for long periods of time! I have a love hate relationship with running as well- it makes me want to eat everything in sight at times, and I hate that but I love the way it makes me feel while running & the high just after.

    What I did find last year in training was that I was not restoring my glucose levels mid run- after about 45 minutes of running , my glucose stores are depleted. I finally started using Cliff Shot Bloks, Luna Moons, and I like Sharkies best ( just one or two at that time, then maybe a few more if I go for another 20-30 minutes)

    They really help keep your blood glucose in check and back up to where it needs to be, and if you can keep that fairly steady, you won’t be so ravenous post run.


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