Gotta love a bargain!

Originally, I didn’t want to wear a veil for the wedding.  I also didn’t want a train, or lace, or beading, and I wound up with all those things.  Part of that was just dumb luck and me going “ooh, pretty,” but partially I kind of realized that I needed to up the formality level of my venue.  Maybe it’s stupid, but we’re getting married in a pretty big and fancy cathedral and I figured that if I didn’t have a pretty fancy dress, I’d kind of get eaten by the location.  I was overtaken by a brief bridezilla “me me me” fit and decided I needed/wanted to step it up and be a little more formal.

So, enter the veil.  I actually liked them trying them on, but I could not possibly in a million, billion years bring myself to pay $200+ for a piece of tulle sewn to a plastic comb.  Absolutely ridiculous.  So, I went on Ebay and searched for the style of veil I liked in the store (single layer, cathedral length, ivory) and found one for $14.99.  I bought it, knowing that if it was horrible, well, I was only out $15.

And guess what?  It came, and it’s exactly the same as all the super expensive ones I tried on in the store.  I’m thrilled that I saved approximately $185 on this, especially as I’ll be taking it out after the ceremony.  Here’s a few pictures.  First, me modeling it in my cool new race t-shirt:

veil 001


veil 003

Trying to show how long it is.  It’s real big.

veil 004

And finally, all packed away in a securely sealed closet, safe from the prying claws of my cats!

veil 005


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