Photoshare cards

I really, really love getting things for free.  Which is why I love Vistaprint.  If you sign up for their e-mails, you will get a daily e-mail offering free printing for things like postcards, business cards, address labels, et cetera.  I used their free postcards for our save-the-dates, and now, I used their free business cards for our photoshare cards.

To explain the concept of photoshare cards a little bit better–people have digital cameras.  People bring their digital cameras to weddings, and take tons of pictures.  Then they get home, and they’re like, “Well, crap.  I have all these pictures of someone else’s wedding.  What the heck am I going to do with these?”

This is where photoshare cards come in.  I created a free Gmail account, and a free Shutterfly account, and linked the two.  I made up these cards on Vistaprint, and I’m going to leave them at various locations around our reception (and maybe even stuck in our wedding programs).  So, guests will tuck them into their purses, and hopefully go home and upload their pictures to the website for us to see and print if we like them.  I’ll probably also bring some to pre-wedding events like showers and the rehearsal dinner.

I just used a free template on Vistaprint.  I got 250 cards for free, and paid about $4 in shipping.  Not bad for such a minor detail!  Here they are:

raceprep 010

raceprep 011

Hopefully people will actually use these and we’ll get a lot of great pictures.

2 Responses

  1. Cute! I did mine a while ago and need to get new ones since we changed colors.

  2. I’m totally stealing this idea. My stepmother asked if we should do the disposable cameras on the table thing but that seems so last century. Lol.

    Vistaprint is actually one of our clients at work.

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