‘Twas the night before race day…


raceprep 004

raceprep 005

Meet my new running shoes.

Race packet pick-up was, conveniently, at a running store called Garry Gribbles.  I decided to chat with their salespeople about my feet and see if there was anything they could recommend to make my terrible horrible old shoes work for running.  They were very nice, and the man I spoke to really knew his stuff.  He watched me walk in my old shoes and basically said that I am rolling my ankles outward, my heels are coming up and out of the shoe, and, most surprisingly, my feet are two different sizes.  My left foot is a size 8, and my right foot is a size 9, which, he said, explains why my left foot blisters worse in my size 9 shoes–they are too loose and there is a lot of room for them to roll from side-to-side and irritate the arch.  He first tried a few different insoles, since I said I really wasn’t thrilled with buying new shoes when these were so new.  They only made matters worse, unfortunately.

After him spending an HOUR with me, and me trying on every pair of shoes in the store he thought might work, I decided on these.  They are Saucony Progrid Ride 2, and he specially laced the left shoe so I can tie it much tighter and keep my foot anchored down.  I will be honest–I’m not 100% sure I did the right thing by buying these.  They were 20% off, since I’m racing tomorrow, so they were $80, which isn’t too bad for running shoes.  They do feel much better than my current shoe, but I think I’m gun shy towards buying any shoe where I can feel ANY arch support at all, and I can in these.  However, they keep my foot nicely anchored against the arch support, rather than sliding all over the arch, so I’m optimistic.

(Funny sidenote: some woman came in while I was being fitted and explained she was new to running, etc.  After doing the analysis, the salesman walked to the stock room, and she called out to him, “I’d like it in pink, please!”  Really?  She then CONTINUED to harp on the pink thing until I finally said to her, “You know what I figured out?  If I wear ugly running shoes that keep my feet blister and cast free one hour a day, the other 23 hours I can wear cute shoes.”  And she KEPT complaining.  Geesh.  Some people.)

Anyway, look at my fun race packet!

raceprep 006

And my chip:

raceprep 008

Here it is!

number 001

I do wish the t-shirt wasn’t such a literal shade of “chimp poo brown”:

raceprep 007

And this race map makes me excited.  I’m looking forward to running through Africa, especially–giraffes are my favorite zoo animal, so I hope I get to see some!

raceprep 013

Strangest item in the race packet:

raceprep 012

I made my race playlist.  Judge away, I have terrible taste in music and am not ashamed:

raceprep 002

This morning I did a pretty leisurely 45 minutes on the elliptical, just to keep my legs warm but not wear them out. We are going to dinner and a movie tonight, and hopefully I’ll be in bed early!  I’ll blog a race recap as soon as I get home, and will probably Twitter the results right after the race.  My goal is 45:00–I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!

Wish me luck!  Any last minute tips or advice?


4 Responses

  1. Haha, udder cream!

    My advice for the race would be not to do anything out of the ordinary before hand. Like if you never eat before, don’t eat a big breakfast etc. Good luck!

  2. you will do great. good luck!

  3. I’m probably too late, but GOOD LUCK!!! You’re going to rock it, I know it!!!

    That’s a pretty sweet race pack. I have Saucony Progrids too and I lovelovelove them. They hold my foot a lot better than the Asics did. And I can’t stand people who need pink everrryyything. Ugh.

  4. Very beautiful, very cool.

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