Something blue

So, the old “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” phrase puts me in a bit of a pickle, because I am a picky SOB who likes things brand-spanking new and color-coordinated on special occasions.  Obviously, I have the new taken care of: new dress, new shoes, new veil, new hair fascinator.  Something old and something borrowed…I’m still looking.  (Any brides out there want to let me borrow something?  No?  Okay, then.)  I wanted my blue to be hidden, but still there.  I ran across this idea somewhere in my internet travails, and decided to go with it.

And so…DIY monogrammed shoe soles!  You will need: small hotfix rhinestones (I bought mine at Michael’s for $3 a package, and used 2 packages exactly), E6000 glue, shoes, slant-tip tweezers (or fingers less hamlike than mine are), and towels/paper towels to prevent your table from getting messed up.  Oh, and a pencil.

First, the “before” picture:

diyshoes 001

Then, I traced what I wanted on each shoe lightly in pencil.  I’ve seen “I Do” on shoe soles, first name letters, etc.  I went with a classic married monogram on one shoe and our wedding date on the other.

diyshoes 002

I tried a few methods of actually gluing the rhinestones on the shoes.  I found that smearing some glue on the shoe and kind of dropping the rhinestone in it worked much better than attempting to dot the glue one each individual stone.  Warning: this glue is drippy, so put the cap on the tube before you put it down!  I then just filled in the pencil lines with stones until I was finished.

diyshoes 004

You want to push the stones down so they’re not just floating in the glue and are actually up next to the sole.  The tweezers really help with this.

The final result:

diyshoes 005

diyshoes 006

diyshoes 007
I am going to go back tomorrow and clean up some of the glue smudges, but other than that, they’re done!  Hooray!

3 Responses

  1. totally cool. i was planning on doing this too 🙂

  2. What a great idea!

  3. […] want to let me borrow something?  I have something new (shoes, dress, etc), something blue (shoe monogram) but still don’t have anything old or blue.  […]

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