My favorite DIY project

Before I knew where we were getting married, or when, I knew I wanted to do some small shout-out to our two cats.  T and I are both borderline obsessed with them.

A little background: T and I started dating in May of 2007.  In December of that year, we decided to get a pet.  We weren’t living together yet, but we spent most of our time at T’s apartment, which allowed cats but not dogs–mine didn’t allow anything.  We looked online for shelters in our area, and we decided to visit the Iowa City Animal Care and Adoption Center.  When we went in, we both loved the setup–lots of cats were allowed to roam free in a hallway area and what they called “the cat room.”  The first cat we saw was a big tabby boy sitting on top of a cage in the hall leading to the cat room, looking very stately and dignified.  We petted him, he purred.  We liked him, but wanted to look at the rest of the cats.  This one followed us, just giving us a look like, “Oh, please.  You know you want me.”

We took Buckley (who was known as Jacob at the shelter) home just after New Year’s 2008.  We loved the shelter so much that we both started volunteering there regularly. In June 2008, Iowa was hit by really terrible flooding, and the shelter was totally underwater.  Luckily, all the animals were evacuated.  We were throwing around the idea of getting a friend for Buckley, mostly so he wouldn’t bother us in the middle of the night.  Once the flooding hit and the cats at the shelter were stuck in limbo at a temporary location, we knew it was the right time.  We decided to adopt our second cat, and picked out our favorite cat from our volunteer days.  Sylvia (now known as Southpaw) had come into the shelter in January with frostbite.  After she was spayed, her hair didn’t grow back, so people thought she was sick and didn’t adopt her.  However, she was always the sweetest cat in the shelter–she would jump into your lap and start purring loudly.  So, in July 2008, we brought home Southpaw, to become Buckley’s friend.

Fast-forward to the wedding.  Obviously, our cats wouldn’t be attending the wedding, but we still have such a soft spot for them that we wanted to show them off a little.  And so….introducing…our table numbers:











Those are just the first ten.  They’ll be framed and placed on tables so guests know where they’re sitting.  I love, love, love these and can’t wait to show them off!

6 Responses

  1. Oh. My. Gosh. I’m sitting in my office all alone right now and “awww-ing” out loud! Those are too freakin’ cute. They’re going to be a hit for sure.

  2. So cute. My fiance wanted to do something like that with our dog actually. I don’t think we are, but it’s a very cute idea.

  3. Oh thats so cute!

  4. Ohmygosh! I am IN LOVE with your table numbers! I hope you don’t mind, but I am going to use this idea for my table numbers. I am obsessed with my two kitty loves.

  5. […] we woke up early and went to church.  I then completed our kitty table numbers (yay!) and did five loads of laundry.  Now we’re catching up on Tivo and relaxing.  I love […]

  6. […] Close Up Posted on February 13, 2010 by thefitbride Remember my favorite DIY project?  Well, I finished the numbers before we got Milhouse, and of course he can’t be left out.  […]

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