A quick run update

Well, I slept through my Set class this morning.  Oops.  However, I’m not entirely sad about this because I then decided to try to pound out 4 miles on the nice, flat treadmill.  And I did!  I ran 4.0 miles in exactly 41 minutes.  I ran 2 miles, took a 2 minute walk break, then ran the last 1.85 miles.  It wasn’t bad!  My legs were fine and I did not feel like throwing up my entire cardiovascular system, like I sometimes do running the mega hills of death in my neighborhood.

My biggest problem, of course, was my feet.  I simply cannot afford new running shoes right now–my current pair is only 2 months old–but they are tearing my feet to shreds.  I was fitted for these in a running store, and my first pair was fine (with only minor problems), but then I re-ordered the exact same shoe online and they’re terrible. I tried the blister pad band-aids today and I still have a quarter-sized blister in each arch, plus a few tiny ones on the tops of my feet.  Ouch.  It probably didn’t help that my synthetic running socks were dirty so I ran in cotton socks.  By the end of my run, I was consciously pronating my feet to keep the pressure off my arches, which I’m sure is terrible for my joints and bones and whatnot.  Sigh.

My plan is to get recommendations at the running store I pick my race packet up at on Friday.  I predict I’ll wind up with some new blister-proof socks and maybe some kind of padding.  We’ll see!


2 Responses

  1. I’ve never had blister problems before but I’ve heard awesome things about moleskin!! I’ve seen it at drugstores around here. You just tape it on your foot where you’re getting blisters.

  2. I can definitely say that I loved this pair of shoes I had (two pairs ago) and I wasn’t ready to buy another pair due to lack of funds… so I got a great set of dr. scholl’s foam inserts for a few $… I put them in under the original padding, then ended up taking the original padding out. I totally ran in them for another 50 miles and felt fantastic! Maybe that can help you extend your pair till you can get another?

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