Wedding floral inspiration

Let me preface this with: I know very little about flowers.  I know what I like, and what I don’t like, and that’s about it.  We picked our florist because of her awesomely extensive online portfolio and recommendations.  (Seriously, her flickr is full of incredible inspiration for brides-to-be!)  When we were e-mailing back and forth, she wanted to know my definitely floral loves and hates.  This is what I came up with (harder than I thought, considering I’d…never? thought this long and hard about flowers before)

What I hate: roses (boooring), sunflowers, anything fall-related, stargazer lilies, baby’s breath, all white bouquets, fake colored flowers

What I love: tulips, peonies, ranunculus, anything springy

If our wedding has a theme besides wedding, it’s, well, “spring wedding.”  I want everything to be light and fresh and bright.  So, because my florist is wonderful and creative, she came up with a very detailed quote for us.  My bouquet will be made of white and pink peonies, ranunculus, and French tulips.  A quick google comes up with it looking something like this:

It looks like there’s some stephanotis in that, which mine won’t have, and I may ask her to add a few ostrich feathers at the base to make it look ultra-luxurious.

For the bridesmaids, this is exactly what I want, but with a lighter pink tulip.  I love the shoots of green in it:

Our table centerpieces will be low tulip arrangements:

I didn’t think T would care about flowers, but he very specifically requested a ranunculus boutonniere.  I’m not sure if it’ll have a feather or not, but it will be something like this, but probably white:

I’m overall just hoping to achieve an elegant, natural, bright springy feel.  My florist is incredible, so I feel 100% safe that everything’s going to go great!

I’m off to donate platelets–I will be back this afternoon to tell the tale of my morning run (eek).


2 Responses

  1. I’ve never even heard of a ranunculus before, but I love it! Ohmygosh, do people actually get baby’s breath in their bouquet? Isn’t that just cheap filler? White lilies are my favourite flower, but daffodils and tulips are close behind.

    Hope the run went well!!

  2. how is your florist getting peonies in the spring?

    just curious because my florist said he can’t get them then because they’re not in season 😦

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