Race prep!

I kind of woke up this morning and thought, “What have I done?”  But, the beauty of registering is that I’m too cheap to back out now!  Money will do that to you.

Since I wanted to go to Step class this morning (I’m going to run outside tomorrow), I decided to work on getting myself in the race mindset by my tried-and-true method: shopping.  If I’m going to run in public, I’m going to do it in style, darn it!  Even if I have to crawl across the finish line, I will look cute.

So, I went to Target, my favorite place for cute but affordable running and other workout gear.  I swear by their C9 by Champion dri-fit tank tops and sports bras, but mine look pretty ratty after being worn at least once a week for the last year or so.  I also wanted a running skirt and a few other accessories.  Here’s what I got:

rungear 001C9 by Champion running skirt-$19.99, C9 by Champion dri-fit tank-$14.99, C9 by Champion green sports bra- $11.88 on clearance

True story: most of my sports bras are odd colors because they’re the ones on sale!  So, I’ll be working a kicky little pop of kelly green under my white tank on race day.

I also picked up a few things.  I’m going to experiment with the moleskin and blister pads tomorrow.  I’ve been fitted for running shoes twice before, but no matter what I’ve tried, the front part of my arches blister terribly.  I have low arches and apparently I run up on my tiptoes.  The only shoes that DIDN’T do this to me were ones that I took a box cutter to the arch support.  Anyone have any tips?  I’m going to be fitted again at a new shop when these wear out, but they’re only 2 months old!

rungear 002

I am fully aware that I don’t need any kind of electrolyte fuel for a four mile run, but in the past, I tend to get nauseous after a run if I don’t get carbs and sugar in my bloodstream quickly.  I’ll probably have a few of these towards the end of the race.  Since we’re spending the afternoon at the zoo, I don’t want to feel sick!

Any other suggestions?


2 Responses

  1. cool outfits. i just bought a sleeveless shirt from target.com that was C9. Im gonna test it out at the gym today.

    sorry i have no advice about the blisters.

  2. love target running gear AND clearance sports bras- best way to buy em!

    blisters- the only thing I would suggest are really good socks- roadrunners has a great pair that are guarenteed to prevent blisters… they work but they are thick…. i hate thick socks but i also never get blisters.

    those shot blocks should be great- however- Sharkies ( also available at target) are cheaper, vegan, organic, and don’t bother my tummy as much as the shot bloks can.

    How did the interview go!?!?!?!

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