Uh oh.

So, after reading all the awesome post-race posts on blogs like Susan’s and Caitlin’s I decided, hey, that looks like fun, why don’t you do it too?  I went over to active.com and searched for races in my area, and happened to find one that looked like a lot of fun, and on a total whim, registered for it.  So, this Saturday, bright and early, I’ll be running in the Kansas City Zoo Run: Run for the Chimps 4-miler!

I was swayed by the cute logo, mostly.  Anyway, T and I both really like going to zoos, and we were thinking about taking a quick trip to Omaha next weekend to go to the Omaha Zoo.  Then I found this race and it seemed fun, and then, hey, even better–I get into the zoo for free after the race, and T will get in for half price as my guest!  So, I’m doing this race, and then we’re going to enjoy our very own hometown zoo on the cheap.  I’m really scared but really excited.

For some reason, outdoor racing has always terrified me.  I’ve ALMOST registered for a lot of 5Ks, especially last fall, when I was pounding out 6-7 miles on the treadmill on a regular basis.   I don’t know what I’m afraid of, but now that I’ve pounded out a 3.1 mile very hilly run in the heat, I’m sure I can do 4 miles (running through the zoo!  how cool is that?) in cool morning weather.  And you know what?  If I get tired, I’ll walk for a little while, and I won’t be embarrassed about it.  It’s my first race–I just want to finish it!  I’m setting a goal of finishing in under 45:00–I have no idea if this is realistic or not, but I’m going to do my best.  And, of course, I will blog about it on Saturday afternoon, after we get back from our day at the zoo.

My tentative workout plan for this week is:

Monday: step class

Tuesday: 3-4 mile outdoor run

Wednesday: set class

Thursday: rest (we have to go out of town to be sworn into the state bar!)

Friday: Not sure!  What should I do the day before my first race?  Rest again?  Light cardio?  Help!

So, uh, I’ve run outside twice.  Any tips on training for a 4 mile race in a week?  Any suggestions for songs to add to my “pump me up” running playlist?  What should I wear?  Help!  Eeek!


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  1. Yay! Congrats on registering for your first race!! That’s awesome you’ll get to do it in a zoo!

    First off, a few nerves are a good thing 🙂 They’re what gives you speed come race day 😛 My recomendation for you is to do a lot of mental preparation on top of physical. Get to know the course, go over your pre-race routine in your head, etc. I always get to site super early so I can get in the “zone.” Don’t eat anything strange or new before the race.

    As for the day before, I like some light cross-training. I never take total rest days because they make me stiff. But biking or the elliptical, or something that won’t put pressure on the muscles and joints you use while running.

    I’m doing my first step-class this week! I’m so scared. I’m going to fall on my face for sure 😛 And being sworn into the bar is SO exciting!! 😀

  2. Music? Headstrong by Trapt. World’s Greatest by R. Kelly. I got it by Gorilla Zoe. Won’t Back Down- Fuel. Gives you Hell-All American Rejects.

    Just make sure you pee lots before the race. Full bladder sloshing is never fun. =)

    Good luck!

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