The ones that weren’t.

The problem with the internet and weddings is that it seems like everyone goes into dress shopping now with an absolute set idea of “the one.”  They see a picture online and go, “oh my gosh!  That’s it!” and fail to account for the fact that it might look terrible on them.

So, I present to you a parade of wedding dresses that just didn’t cut it for me.  The really horrible ones didn’t even make it to picture stage, but there are some pretty bad ones.

This is my example of “I saw it and loved it on the hanger, but ohmygosh how terrible.”  On the model:

On me:

dresses 004

I think the word “linebacker” is what I used.  Lovely dress, not for me.

This one was a front-runner for awhile, but man, this dress was even LESS forgiving than what I picked out:

This was a perfectly nice dress.  It’s really not bad at all looking at it now, but at the time I think I thought it felt like a poufy prom dress:

This one got the “pretty, but boring” kiss of death:

I actually almost bought this dress.  Are you noticing a trend?  I loved satin mermaid dresses with pleating and minimal beading.  I ended up with a lace dress with lots of beading.  Go figure:

dresses 001

Another one I almost bought.  I still look at it and feel tiny pains of longing, even though I love my dress:

extraordinaire 016

So, there you have it.  I tried on well over a hundred dresses before I found “the one.”  I have to confess, especially after trying it on the other day–I have some doubts.  You see so many beautiful dresses hanging on the mannequins, it’s hard not to see them and go “ooooh…pretty…I bet that would look great.”  I know when I have the full package together on the wedding day I won’t regret a thing, but man, it’s tough!

What do you think?  Did I get the right one?

2 Responses

  1. I think if you found the one then it has to be “the one”!!!!

    however- I think the second dress photo of you – satin mermaid with beading is absolutely amazing!!! I liked the first one too and didn’t think it accentuated your shoulders until I scrolled down to the second and just said out loud, “WOW! This one is beautiful on her” . I like that one the absoute best, it gives you this perfect tiny shape! But it’s not my opinion that matters- you have to feel gorgeous in it.

    It is so true that the photos or hangers look like they would be perfect but once on they can be all wrong!

  2. you looked amazing in all of these dresses. seriously.

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