Wedding trends I hate

I will begin this post with a disclaimer.  If something makes YOU happy and you like it, that’s awesome and you should absolutely do it, provided it does not break with common wedding courtesy.

The following wedding trends, however, drive me nuts.

1.  Birdcage veils

I will begin this with another disclaimer: this does not apply to birdcage veils worn with actual vintage dresses created during an era in which birdcage veils made sense.  I absolutely loathe that it seems like every bride-to-be on the Internet wants to wear a birdcage veil with a dress that is in no way vintage.  It looks strange to me.  Furthermore, I think most birdcages cut people off at a weird place on their face and they look creepy.

This is a birdcage veil, if you don’t know what they are:

2.  Pickup wedding dresses.  I will skip the obvious frosted cupcake metaphor, but as Tim Gunn would say, “It’s just not aesthetically pleasing.”  They scream “TREND! TREND!  You will regret this in five years!” to me.

3.  Those Alfred Angelo dresses with the color on them

I am not opposed to some color, when done right, on a wedding gown.  I think it can look nice.  But I really dislike the Alfred Angelo “Dream in Color” dresses.  It’s just so obvious, and last time I checked, brides (and all women, really) wanted to avoid getting giant blood red streaks down the back of their white dresses.

Just to show that I’m not totally against color in wedding dresses, here is one I think is gorgeous (Blue by Enzoani, “Andover” in Ice Blue):

4.  Non-floral bouquets

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  I am all for incorporating non-floral elements in a floral bouquet (I am considering adding a few feathers to my bouquet), but I think this trend has gone way too far.  Some can be cute, but a lot of the time it just seems to me like, “look how alternative and cool I am!  I don’t need flowers!”  This one in particular reminds me of a preschool craft project I did that involved stringing buttons into a necklace:

What about you?  What don’t you like?


3 Responses

  1. i also dislike everything you have just listed! have you been to weddingbee? some of these ladies go a little over the top. like you said, if it aint broke, why fix it!

  2. I agree with absolutely everything you just said. 🙂
    Uggg birdcage veils drive me nutso.

  3. I can agree and disagree with some of your opinions. 1.Because the vintage style dresses are beautiful and popular, and actual vintage dresses in good condition are hard to find, I love seeing them paired with the birdcage veils. Especially attached to the pillbox hats. There is a wrong way and right way to wear them.
    2. I don’t like the “cupcake” dresses either. It is right up there with bell bottom jeans which I hate.
    3. I don’t believe that all wedding dresses should be just white. I don’t like the dark colors added as trim or the the ones made in bright jewel tones, but I love the ones like the blue Enzoani dress and the ones with added color that is so subtle it just melts into the white or ivory dress. The color of dress that a bride chooses should be more about her personality than tradition. Traditionally, blue was the chosen color of brides before white was, so I don’t believe that the color of her dress should make a statement about the bride’s moral standing. Brides of other cultures actually wear red or even many colors.
    4. I don’t think anything is more beautiful than a floral bouquet, although I have seen many weddings done with no flowers at all and done quite nicely with things such as feathers, fall leaves, berry twigs or just greenery. Some brides can’t tolerate flowers either due to allergies or taste. Honestly, I would rather see a bouquet with no flowers before seeing a bouquet with fake flowers. The button bouquet is cute but only for my daughter playing dress up.
    5. My biggest pet peeve about wedding dresses is that too many wedding dresses are sleeveless/strapless. So many dresses look the same because of this. I would love to see more modest gowns that are beautiful and unique, not just “chapel ready”. A bride could be just as stunning with her shoulders and arms covered if only designers would be more creative with this idea.
    6. I think that trains on a wedding dress are beautiful and they distinguish the bride from others, but they make the bride, who should be the life of her own party, clumsy and unable to get around like she should. Bustling works but sometimes takes away from the beauty of the dress. I would love to see more dresses designed with detachable trains or sweep trains. Trains, traditionally, were meant to make a statement about the social/ financial standing of the bride’s family in the community.

    I could honestly go on and on but no one has that kind of time. I enjoyed reading your post.

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