Save the Date

Since we have a lot of out-of-town guests (by our calculations, our guest list comes from 17 different states and a foreign country), we sent out save-the-dates in June.  We wanted to make sure people would know well in advance when the wedding was, in hopes that they’d make travel arrangements early if need be.  Anyway, there’s not too much to say about them, but I think they’re cute, so I’m posting them anyway.
First, I made postcards (FREE!) on Vistaprint.  I designed them using PowerPoint:

stds 002

Then, I made super cheap magnets on VistaPrint using one of our engagement pictures.  They weren’t free, but they were really cheap–I think $33 for 100 magnets.  Not too bad!

stds 001

Then I attached the magnet to the card with a strip of double-stick tape:

stds 005

Because I have terrible handwriting, I decided to make wraparound labels for the envelopes.  I bought black envelopes off Envelope Mall and used plain white paper to make the labels.  They were really easy to make.  Basically, I used “Page Setup” in Microsoft Word to change the orientation to landscape.  Then I divided the page into two columns.  I put our return address on the left-hand side and the guest’s address on the right-hand side and printed them and cut them into strips.  I bought a very small Xyron for 40% off at Jo-Ann Fabrics and ran each strip through there.  (A Xyron basically turns anything paper into stickers.  Very cool!)  Then, I just folded them around the envelope and ta-da!

Front side:

save the date envelope 009

Back side:

save the date envelope 007

We finished them off with a king or queen of hearts playing card stamp and sent the bulk of them out in July.  Hopefully the guests will find them useful!  It’s a little weird going to visit friends and family members and seeing our face on the fridge, though, I must say.

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  1. Your When Harry Met Sally quote is too cute!

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