My gym buddies

Generally speaking, I’m kind of high maintenance.  I am the girlfriend that always has band-aids, chapstick, and safety pins in her purse.  So…the gym is no different.  When I first started working out, my philosophy was basically, “This sucks, so I’m going to somehow acquire everything I can to make it more interesting/bearable.”

First things first, before I walk out the door, I get dressed.  I get really hot and hate having fabric on my arms when I’m sticky and sweaty, so I always wear tank tops.  My favorites are C9 by Champion, usually between $10-15 at Target.  They are a moisture wicking material, so they keep me from having large sweat stains, and they come in lots of pretty, seasonal colors.  I’m also not a big fan of shorts.  My thighs are large for two reasons: 1) I have massive quads from running and being able to squat my body weight and 2) genetics.  I will never have teeny tiny legs, and I’m okay with that.  Shorts tend to ride up, so I always go with a capri pant.

Of course, I have to wear shoes.  I’m still in pursuit of the perfect pair.  (I’ve been fitted at a running shop twice, don’t worry.)  I have low arches and I tend to run on my tiptoes, so most shoes give me blisters in my arch when I run.  It’s not too bad in these shoes, but if I don’t run for awhile and my callus goes away, it comes back and HURTS after about 2 miles.  They are Asics and I like them, but one of these days I hope I find something a little more comfortable:

fitbride2 006

I like my gym bag.  Not much to say about it, other than the colors are cute and it holds a lot of junk:

fitbride2 005

I have a Polar F4 heart rate monitor.  I’ve been using it for just over a year with no problems and it’s great.  It’s one of the more basic Polar models, and in the future I’d like to upgrade to something a little fancier, but it does the job:

fitbride2 004

I don’t leave for the gym (unless accidentally) without my Camelbak water bottle.  It is BPA free, which is nice, and I like it because the neat little straw/spout thing makes it nearly impossible for me to spill water on myself, which happens a lot with other Nalgene or Sigg type water bottles.  At one point, I owned three of these (one for my gym bag, one for home, one for school/work) but I lost the school/work one.  So now I have two.  This is the gym version:

fitbride2 003

And for yoga, I recently bought a Gaiam yoga mat.  I have no complaints.  It smells a lot better than the pile of  deli-meat-scented fitness mats at the gym, and I like the stickiness of it.  Kind of gross, but my hands and arms sweat a ton when I work out, so planks are often difficult on bare floors or slick mats, but not on this.  I think the color on this is “Robin’s Egg Blue.”  It’s purty.  Buckley models it for us:

fitbride2 002

Today I was feeling kind of worn down.  Yoga was very demanding yesterday, and my quads are tingly and on fire, plus I had some personal stuff to contend with last night.  When my alarm went off, I shut it off and slept in.  I’m a firm believer in listening to your body, and it was well worth it.  After sleeping in, I decided to just do a short workout at the gym and call it a day.

Since my legs were on fire, I decided to do the rowing machine at the gym.  I rowed 5000m in 28:45 and then ran for a bit.  My workout was about 40 minutes and I burned around 400 calories.  I didn’t want to push too hard today since I wasn’t really feeling it.  My hands are a bit blistered from the rowing, though.

Anyway, what’s your favorite fitness gear?


2 Responses

  1. LOVE the rowing machine!

    I have a lot of workout buddies too. Right now, I’m loving my Nike+ for my outdoor runs. Way cheaper than a Garmin and measures my distance and pace for me. I’ll always have a love affair with my Polar F11. I have two kinds of Camelbak gear. The actual water pack, which is great for running. I’m a “sipper” when I work out, and it’s good for carrying my cell and debt card in case of a trail emergency. I also have two Camelbak bottles on my bike. They’re special because you can tip them upside down while open and they don’t spill!

    I could go on, I’m a gear geek 😉 Surprisingly, I don’t have a proper gym bag, I use a big purse!

  2. my fave gym buddies are definitely my camelbak (like yours but diff color), Zune and my Garmin, HRM & foot pod. I like being able to analyze my workout at home.

    i too have trouble keeping the water from dribbling down all over myself when I dont have my camelbak.

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