Okay, I lied.

Another insignificant-but-awesome wedding detail post.  And then I SWEAR tomorrow I’ll get back to the meat-and-potatoes of wedding stuff.

Today’s fun item also arrived by mail.  I saw the UPS man out the window while I was getting out of the shower, panicked that he wouldn’t leave the package if I couldn’t get to the door in time, and threw on the first clothes I could find.  I ran down the stairs, TWISTING MY ANKLE on the way (ow), only to find that he had…left the package there and walked away.  Great.

I was too excited to take a picture of the box.  Sorry.  Here is a re-enactment of opening the box:

shoes 008

Ta-da!  Wedding shoes!  Even the box is cute and pink.  They are by J.Crew, style Greer.  I got them on sale, which makes them even more exciting, especially considering my dream feathered Manolos were upwards of $600.  Eesh.

Here are some more glamor shots:

shoes 005

shoes 003

shoes 006

I’m not going to model the shoes because feet are weird looking in pictures.  But they fit well and look great.

Oh, and Buckley enjoyed my purchase too:

shoes 007

I’ve been searching for wedding shoes literally since we got engaged (which, since I haven’t mentioned that yet, was December 31, 2008).  Everything I liked was at LEAST $300, which sadly, doesn’t fit into my budget.  I don’t mind paying a lot for shoes, but…that was a bit much for one day.  These were $129.99 on sale, and I couldn’t be happier.

I definitely wanted colored shoes, but all the pink ones I found were fuschia and all the blue ones didn’t really go with the feel of my dress.  These are a very pretty rosy pink with a pretty gold heel (which matches our whole wedding scheme perfectly).  I also wanted something with a bit of a heel since Tim is…let’s see…nine inches taller than I am.  These have a 3.5 inch heel, which is tall but not unmanageable.   I also wanted a heel (and this is stupid) because I just don’t feel like I’m dressed up when I wear flats, no matter how nice they are.  (No offense to dressy flats lovers!)

Anyway, I will now sadly pack these into a box until my dress fittings start in March or so.  Sad times.

And finally, since Buckley got a picture, meet my little blogging companion Southpaw:

shoes 010

I blame her for most typos, because her incessant rumbling tends to throw me off.

Have a great afternoon, all!


One Response

  1. hey b!

    I just found your blog. congrats on getting engaged! i too am planning a wedding but it’s not til 2011, plenty of time! but, I have school 9 out of 12 months of the year so planning time is very limited. i really like you because you’re very relatable.

    i look forward to reading more!

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