I.  Love.  Yoga.
I think if you asked my fiance, he’d confirm that a few months ago I probably said something like, “I never want to do yoga.  Boring!”  Of course, this all changed when my schedule made it much more convenient to go to the morning classes at my gym.  And guess what’s on Thursday morning?  Yoga.

I am a creature of habit to a fault.  I eat the same breakfast and lunch pretty much every day, so if I get into a routine of going to whatever 9:30 class my gym offers, I’ll do it, even if it’s not my favorite, just to stick with the routine.  So, a few weeks ago, I went with the mindset that if I hated it, I never had to go again.

To my great surprise, I loved it.  I generally don’t have the concentration to sit down and stretch after I work out (bad, I know).  Yoga basically forced me to stretch my super-tight body out…while still working other muscles!  Excellent!

I don’t wear my heart rate monitor to yoga, so I don’t know how many calories it burns.  I’d guess not too many, maybe 200 or so, because yoga isn’t really a cardio exercise.   The other benefits are so awesome I don’t mind the low calorie burn.  Not only does yoga make me focus on flexibility and balance/coordination, it just makes me feel so damn happy.  I leave the gym feeling oddly euphoric.  Good times.

My only problem: yoga clothing.  I usually work out in stretchy capris and a fitted dry-fit tank top, but that doesn’t really work for yoga.  All the bending and twisting and arms in the air makes my shirt hike way up and I’m constantly interrupting myself to pull it down, which is annoying.  What do you wear to yoga?  Help!


3 Responses

  1. Yoga camis!! You can get them at Target. They are very good about staying put.

  2. Just got back from yoga. First class in months and it was lovely! Funny, I always thought it was boring too. Well, it is boring when done at home. But in a classroom environment, it is SO much fun. The minutes just fly by!

    I’m always cold in yoga, so I wear long cotton stretchy pants (that aren’t so loose they slide down my legs when they’re up in the air) and a long-sleeved cotton shirt. Both were bought at Walmart 🙂

  3. victoria’s secret vsx pants…wicking material and very stretchy! exactly what i need b/c i do lots of hot yoga. you should definitely try that if you haven’t yet!

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