Spinning is one of my favorite ways to get a great workout.   This is largely because the potential for awkwardness and embarrassment is low–you sit on a bike that is planted firmly to the floor and pedal.  No jumping around, no steps, no barbells, no hard floors to smack your face on–it’s great.  Plus, the music is (usually) good, and for some reason, my instructor shuts the lights off which is kinda cool.  The only con is that it makes your butt hurt, and not in a “feel the burn” kind of way.  (I’m looking into some fancy spin shorts or maybe a seat cover one of these days, don’t worry.)

Oh!  And I remembered my precious Camelbak.  It even got a compliment in the locker room–some lady pointed to it and said, “Wow, what a cool color!”  and I was proud.

So, I spun (spinned? span?) this morning.  It was a good time.

Time: 56:15

Average heart rate: 163

Calories burned: 601

Then I came home, putzed about for awhile, showered, and made lunch.   Behold, the evolution of a delicious yogurt mishmash:

I eat this as part of my lunch just about every day.  I start with a whole bunch of fruit (strawberries, today, because they were on sale), then add about 3/4 c. yogurt, 1/4 c. granola, and a healthy dollop of peanut butter.  Mix and enjoy.  I had this with a scrambled egg and two egg whites with a bit of cheese and a small whole wheat bagel.  I loooove breakfast for lunch (or dinner, but my darling fiance just doesn’t do that.  Harumph.  Hi, honey!)

Brand-wise, I used Driscoll’s strawberries, Dannon Light and Fit Vanilla yogurt, Bear Naked Triple Berry Crunch granola, and Naturally More peanut butter.  Since I’m unemployed, I’m doing my best to save money at the grocery store.  I can justify the the cost of the Bear Naked granola–it’s $3.99 a bag, but it will last me about two weeks so isn’t really that bad.  I love Greek yogurt, but that is one cost I have not yet been able to justify–$4.29 for a two-serving container!  I buy the big containers of Dannon for about $2.05, and I get about 4-5 servings out of it.  I at least avoid HFCS with Dannon, and hey, it’s about sustainable habits, not perfection, right?  When I’m rich and famous, I’ll bathe in Oikos and Fage, but for now…Dannon it is.

Anyway, the cat on my lap is making typing difficult, so that’s all for now.  I’ll be back later to get you all up to speed on some more fun wedding details!


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  1. First of all, I think you are going to be a great blogger. Secondly, I LOVE spin class! The girl I normally have as an instructor on Saturday mornings is kind of a psycho, but it’s always such a great workout. Thanks for the yogurt recipe!

    I’m starving.

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