Two left feet.

Oh, Monday.

I guess I can’t complain too much, since I’m still unemployed.  But the house is empty, and it’s back to the gym bright and early.

My gym is great.  I really do love the classes.  But there’s been a whole lot of politicking going on lately regarding the morning class schedule.  For the last several weeks, the class on Mondays has been 24Set, which is basically three minutes of cardio with very light weights, then three minutes of heavy lifting.  I love it.  Minimal coordination required, but I’m always feelin’ it the next day.

Well, I roll out the door this morning and head to what I think is Set class.  About halfway to the gym, I realize that I’d left my water bottle at home.  (I usually guzzle an entire 24 ounce Camelbak during classes.)  I sighed and realized I’d just have to make do with sprints to the water fountain.  No fun.

Then I get to class and guess what?  The schedule’s changed.  The cardio-lovin’ stay at home moms have lobbied to turn Mondays into step aerobics instead of my beloved Set class!
Now, I’ve tried Step before with mixed results.  I am not exactly coordinated, though I’m in great shape.  By my count, I fell off my step three times during the first class, and for the last fifteen minutes I just exasperatedly jumped on and off my step, not knowing what a “horsehoe step” and an “around the world step” were.  But, what the hell, I’m there, I’ll try it again.

The first twenty minutes were not great.  I tripped, I stumbled and I was unable to ascertain exactly what L-steps and T-steps were.  But eventually, I just went with it and it was a surprisingly good workout!

According to my heart rate monitor:

Time: 54:48

Average heart rate: 165

Calories burned: 614

Not too shabby.  I think the good instructor made all the difference.  I’ll definitely be back.  I think with time I’ll become at least slightly less awkward.

And, of course, when I got home, I rewarded myself:

fitbride1 001

(Please note the missing Camelbak in the background.)

Off to hit the shower–back later with some wedding stuff!


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